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Accountant internship provides students with the opportunity to learn and gain experience in a real accounting firm. This is a very good opportunity for any student looking to have a career in accounting or finance. As an accountant intern, you will be required to perform research and assist with financial reports and records. You are also expected to support and work together with the payment processing team. Also, you might regularly need to handle confidential or sensitive information such as bank statements, invoices, and balance sheets. Beyond all these, you will be required to take on projects or additional tasks to learn more about office operations.

Getting an accountant internship doesn't require you to have a bachelor's degree, but you must be working towards a degree in accounting or finance. You must be very good at maths and be proficient with computers. The average yearly salary of an accountant intern is $28,194 or $13.55 an hour.

What Does an Accountant Internship Do

There are certain skills that many accountant interns have in order to accomplish their responsibilities. By taking a look through resumes, we were able to narrow down the most common skills for a person in this position. We discovered that a lot of resumes listed analytical skills, communication skills and detail oriented.

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How To Become an Accountant Internship

If you're interested in becoming an accountant internship, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We've determined that 79.5% of accountant interns have a bachelor's degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 8.6% of accountant interns have master's degrees. Even though most accountant interns have a college degree, it's possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

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Career Path For an Accountant Internship

As you move along in your career, you may start taking on more responsibilities or notice that you've taken on a leadership role. Using our career map, an accountant internship can determine their career goals through the career progression. For example, they could start out with a role such as staff accountant, progress to a title such as tax accountant and then eventually end up with the title tax manager.

Accountant Internship

Average Salary for an Accountant Internship

Accountant Interns in America make an average salary of $33,484 per year or $16 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $45,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $24,000 per year.
Average Accountant Internship Salary
$33,484 Yearly
$16.10 hourly

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Roles and Types of Accountant Internship

The role of an accountant internship includes a wide range of responsibilities. These responsibilities can vary based on an individual's specific job, company, or industry.Here are some general accountant internship responsibilities:

  • Develop understanding of our dealer account service processes
  • Contribute individually and/or as a team member to support a designated functional area, analyze business processes,
  • Assist with posting daily cash receipt deposits as needed. Prepare local deposit. Process shipment invoices for multiple locations throughout the corporation. Process artwork invoices. Issue credit memos from approved cio’s. assist with filing

There are several types of accountant internship, including:



An accountant is a professional who specializes in preparing and analyzing financial records and transactions to ensure that they are accurate, complete, and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. Their analysis helps firms and clients make informed decisions about their finances and business decisions. Accountants can work in various settings, including public accounting firms and government agencies. Successful accountants possess strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and an understanding of accounting principles and regulations.

Accountants typically have a better work-life balance than other professions that require long hours or irregular schedules. While busy periods such as tax season may require overtime, many accounting jobs offer a predictable nine-to-five schedule with weekends and holidays off.

People normally enjoy their role as an accountant because of the trust that clients place in them. Accountants have access to sensitive financial information and are responsible for ensuring its accuracy and confidentiality. Accountants can offer valuable insights and advice that can make a significant impact on their clients' businesses or personal finances.

- Good job security and stability
- Diverse range of career paths and specializations
- Competitive salary and benefits
- Opportunities for remote work or flexible schedules
- Positive impact on society by ensuring financial compliance

- Can be stressful during busy periods such as tax season
- Requires attention to detail and high degree of accuracy
- May require continuing education to maintain certifications or licenses
- Can be repetitive or monotonous work
- Can involve working with challenging or uncooperative clients
  • Average Salary: $54,890
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree

Staff Accountant


Many businesses rely on staff accountants to handle the "math" of the business. But that's just a lazy way for saying you'll be in charge of handling the budget and tax requirements. Basically, any financial records will be prepared and examined by you.

Depending on the industry you're in, the majority of the year will be your "busy season." Some industries this may not apply and you'll only be required to work the normal 40-hour work week.

Typically, staff accountants need a bit of an education to find a job. And no, we're not talking about a high school degree. Most employers prefer you to have a bachelor's degree. Here's to learning more math!

  • Average Salary: $54,216
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree

Certified Public Accountant


A certified public accountant, or CPA for short, offers his/her or her services to companies or individuals in preparing forms for tax returns and financial statement documents. CPAs oversee audits, keep track of clients' financial records, and contribute to budgeting processes.

Knowing how to develop and implement bookkeeping policies and being familiar with local and federal laws and regulations of taxing procedures is a must, as this is what poses the challenge for people hiring CPAs. CPAs generally have basic computer skills and use accounting software to make the most of their time and resources.

In order to become a CPA, you need to have a BA in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or a related field. As implied in the name, you need to obtain a certification to fill the role, and this is usually preceded by years of experience in the field as a public accountant.
  • Average Salary: $76,693
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree

States With The Most Accountant Internship Jobs

Mouse over a state to see the number of active accountant internship jobs in each state. The darker areas on the map show where accountant interns earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

Average Salary: Job Openings:

Number Of Accountant Internship Jobs By State

RankStateNumber of JobsAverage Salary
3New York1,448$34,847
10North Carolina782$28,529
13New Jersey731$36,897
28South Carolina304$24,944
38New Hampshire189$29,309
40New Mexico175$26,176
43Rhode Island148$31,058
44South Dakota138$29,121
46North Dakota111$28,555
48West Virginia105$26,703

Accountant Internship Education

Accountant Internship Majors

19.7 %

Accountant Internship Degrees


79.5 %


8.6 %


7.8 %

Top Colleges for Accountant Internships

1. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA • Private

In-State Tuition




2. Northwestern University

Evanston, IL • Private

In-State Tuition




3. University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA • Private

In-State Tuition




4. Villanova University

Villanova, PA • Private

In-State Tuition




5. San Diego State University

San Diego, CA • Private

In-State Tuition




6. Bentley University

Waltham, MA • Private

In-State Tuition




7. Boston University

Boston, MA • Private

In-State Tuition




8. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN • Private

In-State Tuition




9. Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN • Private

In-State Tuition




10. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Champaign, IL • Private

In-State Tuition




Top Skills For an Accountant Internship

The skills section on your resume can be almost as important as the experience section, so you want it to be an accurate portrayal of what you can do. Luckily, we've found all of the skills you'll need so even if you don't have these skills yet, you know what you need to work on. Out of all the resumes we looked through, 8.6% of accountant interns listed r on their resume, but soft skills such as analytical skills and communication skills are important as well.

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Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume
Accountant Internship Resume

Accountant Internship diversity

Accountant Internship Gender Distribution


After extensive research and analysis, Zippia's data science team found that:

  • Among accountant interns, 53.6% of them are women, while 46.4% are men.

  • The most common race/ethnicity among accountant interns is White, which makes up 59.8% of all accountant interns.

  • The most common foreign language among accountant interns is Spanish at 35.8%.

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Best States For an Accountant Internship

Some places are better than others when it comes to starting a career as an accountant internship. The best states for people in this position are Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and California. Accountant interns make the most in Washington with an average salary of $41,846. Whereas in Alaska and Hawaii, they would average $41,296 and $38,101, respectively. While accountant interns would only make an average of $37,977 in California, you would still make more there than in the rest of the country. We determined these as the best states based on job availability and pay. By finding the median salary, cost of living, and using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Location Quotient, we narrowed down our list of states to these four.

1. District of Columbia

Total Accountant Internship Jobs: 259
Highest 10% Earn:
Location Quotient:

2. Alaska

Total Accountant Internship Jobs: 97
Highest 10% Earn:
Location Quotient:

3. Colorado

Total Accountant Internship Jobs: 689
Highest 10% Earn:
Location Quotient:
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Top Accountant Internship Employers

Most Common Employers For Accountant Internship

RankCompanyAverage SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
1State Street$50,363$24.2125
5Deutsch LA$45,703$21.9716
6Arnold Worldwide$43,899$21.1126
8Leo Burnett$38,134$18.3327
9Atlantic Records$36,049$17.3326
10Columbia Records$35,943$17.2815