The 5 Best Colorado Coworking Spaces of 2020


One-third of your life is spent at work, so where you work and who you work with is important. The 9-5 culture is losing popularity as more and more individuals are opting to use coworking spaces, which are shared office spaces used by groups and individuals. Statista predicted that by 2027, 50.9% of the total U.S workforce will be freelancing. Coworking allows people to find flexible, affordable office spaces that they can grow into. Individuals have reported that coworking has expanded their professional networks and made them more motivated, engaged, happy, and successful.

If you are a telecommuter, entrepreneur, freelancer, small business, a budding startup, or a remote worker looking for a shared office, here are the top four coworking spaces in Colorado.

Epicentral – Colorado Springs

With two locations in Colorado Springs, Epicentral is home to a diverse, hard-working community of coworkers, collaborators, and creators who do everything from marketing, photography, software development to vegan cooking. They have an impressive list of amenities, which include storage, beet, phone booths, dry cleaning, a kitchen, parking, tech, supplies, a mailing address, local discounts, and more. Memberships include part-time access for $130 per month, full-time access for $230 per month, dedicated desks for $330 per month, and private offices for $525-$1,200 per month. Epicentral also offers day passes for $25 and a two-week trial for $55.

ELEVATE – Breckenridge

At the intersection of adventure and tech, ELEVATE is a community of “badasses” redefining the “ski bum” lifestyle. They are creating a community that can build a more resilient and prosperous economy and a more vibrant, diverse community in Summit County. ELEVATE believes that there is a better way to work, live, and play. ELEVATE says, “we’re entrepreneurs, innovators, tech geeks, and startup founders. More importantly, we’re brothers, sisters, moms, dads, skiers, snowboarders, rock climbers, mountain bikers, kayakers, triathletes, trail runners, and badasses.”

Green Spaces – Denver, Winter Park

Green Spaces is the nation’s first green coworking space and the first coworking space with a location in both downtown Denver and the mountains. Members have the option to work from their coworking space located in the heart of Denver’s RiNo District, and one in Winter Park. One of the founders and CEO wrote, “Green Spaces is so much more than a coworking space to me — it’s my community and my sense of belonging in Denver. Before joining, I was working from home and going stir crazy. When I joined, I immediately made about a dozen friends and felt a transformation in my overall well-being and happiness.” Memberships range from $150 per month to use their part-time lounge to $695-$2,295 for a private office.

Galvanize – Boulder, Denver

Galvanize helps transform individuals and teams through effective education and community programs. With locations in Boulder and Denver, Galvanize has mentorship opportunities, learning workshops, and access to an unparalleled network of tech talent. If you want to join a community of an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, skilled programmers, and expert data scientists, Galvanize might be the place for you. They have multiple coworking space options including, open seating, reserved desks, and private suites.

Devon Feuer
Devon Feuer