Jobs At Zippia

Why work at Zippia?

Well, if you’ve landed on this page, think about the thoughts and questions you may have had that brought you to this page:

  • What positions does Zippia have that suit my experience/skills?
  • What growth could Zippia provide me?
  • What skills might I need to work with the team at Zippia?
  • I wonder what the background of the team looks like
  • I wonder what it’s like to be a [insert ideal job title here]
  • Do I have to move to their location? If so does it open more opportunities in the future?
  • If I choose to join at this position, what implications does it have for my future?

… just to name a few. Now imagine how many different roles or companies you’d have these questions for, then imagine how many people have the same questions. Having the right information to answer these questions could make a big impact on important career decisions you make. That’s where Zippia (and maybe you!) comes in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people with the information and tools to achieve their career aspirations.

Our Vision

Currently people make career decisions with little knowledge about all their career options and longer term implications. Zippia will change that.

Our vision is that every person should have access to all their career options and how those various paths will impact their professional lives. Zippia will extract intelligence from real world experiences to provide the best information and tools for people to achieve their career plans.

Our Values

Be Honest
Pursue Growth
Build Team and Family Spirit
Work Hard
Achieve Results and Excellence
Have Fun
Do More With Less

Sound like an opportunity you’d love to explore? Send your resume to jobs[at]zippia[dot]com and tell us a little about yourself! Feel free to ask any of those questions that went through your head too 🙂