Survey: People Are Drinking A Lot Of Coffee (And They Like It Sugary-Sweet)

By Amanda Postma
Sep. 11, 2020

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From waking you up in the morning to keeping you awake in the afternoon, coffee is there for you all day long.

It’s the drink college students turn to when they have to pull an all-nighter for the test the next day. Coffee is great for staying alert during the workday or meeting that big deadline.

If you’re one of those people who live on coffee, then you’ll be happy to know that National Coffee Day is coming up on September 29th.

To celebrate, we surveyed 2,000 workers to see how much coffee everyone is drinking- and how they consume their daily dose of caffeine.

Other Findings

  • 42 states take their coffee with sugar and cream.
  • Only 5 states (Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and North Dakota) prefer their coffee black.
  • Only 2.7% of people say espresso is their favorite.
  • If you like to swirl your coffee drink around in some ice best, you’re part of the 13% that do.
  • No surprise, most coffee drinkers drink it for the caffeine.
  • A whopping 49.8% of people make their coffee at home, which may the low number of espresso drinks.
  • Only 17% take advantage of free coffee from work, while 32% buy their coffee from a shop.
  • The average cup of coffee is $2.99, that adds up to almost 15 bucks a week and a staggering $780 a year if you pull through the drive-thru every work-day
  • Vermont is the only state where lattes are the go-to coffee
  • Alaksa and Idaho will have that coffee iced. Brrr.

Why Do (or don’t) People Drink Coffee?

Most of the responses we received for this answer were pretty standard. No doubt you will find the reason you enjoy a cup of joe below:

  • For the caffeine/to stay awake
  • They enjoy the flavor
  • To better complete their work
  • It is a part of their morning routine
  • The social benefits of grabbing a coffee with someone or “coffee maker talk”

But some other responses were, well, they were just out there.

  • An excuse to leave my desk
  • Stress and anxiety over a bad job
  • Normally the micronutrients are more friendly in light beer and coffee vs a soda or sports drink. I also consume a large amount of water.
  • To look older/more mature

Methodology, a career resource website, conducted a study of 2,000 workers across the U.S. on their coffee drinking habits.

Coffee is Just Good for the Soul

Sure, drinking coffee has its benefits. Probably as much as it has its downsides. Especially, if you go for that afternoon shot of espresso.

But that afternoon cup of joe might be better for your production at work if it were to be followed up by a 15-minute nap.

In fact, scientists have proven that together, the “coffee nap” is the most efficient way of achieving alertness.

If you think you couldn’t possibly take a nap at work, think again. There’s a surprising amount of people who do. As they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

With science set aside, the majority of people enjoy a daily cup of coffee. Whether it’s with cream and sugar, or just black like their soul.

How Every State Takes Their Coffee

State How They Drink Coffee
Alabama Sugar and cream
Alaska Iced
Arizona Sugar and cream
Arkansas Sugar and cream
California Sugar and cream
Colorado Sugar and cream
Connecticut Sugar and cream
Delaware Sugar and cream
Florida Sugar and cream
Georgia Sugar and cream
Hawaii Sugar and cream
Idaho Iced
Illinois Sugar and cream
Indiana Sugar and cream
Iowa Sugar and cream
Kansas Sugar and cream
Kentucky Sugar and cream
Louisiana Sugar and cream
Maine Sugar and cream
Maryland Sugar and cream
Massachusetts Sugar and cream
Michigan Sugar and cream
Minnesota Sugar and cream
Mississippi Sugar and cream
Missouri Sugar and cream
Montana Black
Nebraska Sugar and cream
Nevada Black
New Hampshire Sugar and cream
New Jersey Sugar and cream
New Mexico Black
New York Sugar and cream
North Carolina Sugar and cream
North Dakota Black
Ohio Sugar and cream
Oklahoma Sugar and cream
Oregon Sugar and cream
Pennsylvania Sugar and cream
Rhode Island Sugar and cream
South Carolina Sugar and cream
South Dakota Sugar and cream
Tennessee Sugar and cream
Texas Sugar and cream
Utah Sugar and cream
Vermont Latte
Virginia Sugar and cream
Washington Sugar and cream
West Virginia Sugar and cream
Wisconsin Sugar and cream
Wyoming Black

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