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Agricultural Produce Sorter Education Requirements And Degrees

What Degree Should I Get to Become an Agricultural Produce Sorter ?

  • High School Diploma, 50%
  • Associate, 50%

Most Common Level Of Education For Agricultural Produce Sorters

Agricultural Produce Sorter DegreePercentages
High School Diploma50.0%

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High School / GED

Average Agricultural Produce Sorter Salary by Education Level

Agricultural Produce Sorters with a High School Diploma degree earn more than those without, at $25,785 annually. With a No Education degree, Agricultural Produce Sorters earn a median annual income of $24,121.

High School Diploma or Less

No Education

Salary By Education Level

Agricultural Produce Sorter Education LevelAgricultural Produce Sorter Salary
High School Diploma or Less$25,785
No Education$24,121

20 Best Online Courses for Agricultural Produce Sorters

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edX (Global)

Many estimates indicate that the world population is going to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. This implies that food production is required to increase by 70% in order to meet the demand of such a huge population. Therefore, it is becoming very essential to take serious reforms in the agricultural sector to ensure that the food system is ready to meet the challenges of a burgeoning world population. Thus, the goal of sustainable agriculture is to feed expanding population while farming in an...

Agricultural Economic Modeling Tools
edX (Global)

Agricultural system models play increasingly important roles in creating sustainable agriculture businesses across diverse agro-ecological and socio-economic conditions. Agricultural system models are being used for various types of landscape-scale, national, and global modeling and analysis. Models provide information to land managers, policymakers, and the general public that inform management practices, public policy design, research and development, and investment decisions in order to...

e-Learning on Digital Agriculture
edX (Global)

Digital Agricultural Technologies (DATs) are innovations that enable farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs to leapfrog to increase their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness, facilitate access to markets, improve nutritional outcomes and enhance resilience to climate change. These technologies range from mobile apps to digital identities for farmers to solar applications for agriculture to portable agriculture devices. DATs are increasingly becoming indispensable in the global food...

Agriculture, Economics and Nature

Sound economic thinking is crucial for farmers because they depend on good economic decision making to survive. Governments depend on economic information to make good policy decisions on behalf of the community. This course will help you to contribute to better decision making by farmers, or by agencies servicing agriculture, and it will help you to understand why farmers respond to policies and economic opportunities in the ways they do. You can use this course to improve your skills and knowl...

Agriculture Supply Chain Finance
edX (Global)

The course covers the model of supply chain mechanism with emphasis on financing agriculture supply chain. It equips the learners with comprehensive coverage of related inputs. After undergoing the course, the learners would acquaint themselves with various activities involved in agriculture. supply chain and the imperative for its financing...

Complete Electronic Music Production for EDM Music Producers

EDM: Learn professional electronic music production techniques from an expert electronic music producer - produce EDM!...

Drones for Agriculture: Prepare and Design Your Drone (UAV) Mission
edX (Global)

We are all getting familiar with the image of a drone in the sky. Although flying a drone is fun, drones are not toys. More and more UAVs or drones are used by governments and companies to gain answers and insights on nature, agricultural and metropolitan challenges among other fields. For example, small Drones/UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are employed in agriculture for crop observation, crop monitoring, field analysis and map generation through aerial surveys. And with the available...

Feeding a Hungry Planet: Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability
edX (Global)

Agriculture is more than waving fields of wheat; our ability to grow food from existing natural resources –and without decimating those resources –is key to sustainably feeding the world. In this course, learn about food security worldwide, the effects of malnutrition, how we manage ecosystems that provide food resources and more. You’ll emerge from this course with a clear answer to the question: What can I do to make food consumption and production more sustainable? This course is for: ...

Introduction to Precision Agriculture

A Conceptual Course...

Sustainable Agricultural Land Management

This course will cover the agricultural and urban water quality issues in Florida, their bases, land and nutrient management strategies, and the science and policy behind the best management practices (BMPs). Students will learn to evaluate BMP research and analyze its role in determining practices and policies that protect water quality...

Music Production I - Learn to be a Music Producer!

Learn how to become a recording/music production engineer with little to no knowledge! Record music like a pro!...

Agricultural Water Management: Water,-Society and Technology Interactions
edX (Global)

Increasingly scarce natural resources Worldwide, a variety of processes puts more pressure on water resources every day. Global climate change causes temperatures to rise and precipitation patterns to change. A growing degree of urbanization causes people to move from the countryside to the cities. This results in increased competition over water resources, like rivers and groundwater, between cities and their surrounding areas. Furthermore, population growth and rising global welfare create an...

The Complete EDM Production Course - Produce, Mix & Master

Learn EDM Production, mixing, mastering, sound design, arrangement, plugins, techniques & more using any software or DAW...

edX (Global)

Agriculture has been and will be for ever an essential part of the economics in the modern world. But this essential ingredient of the economy as well as the existence of the human civilisation is having a lot of risks associated with it. However, as food is an essential part of survival, the risk must be endured. It will be possible to mitigate the risk associated with any activity only if we understand the types of risks associated with them. While risk is a part of our growth, to minimise...

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Capturing the Product and Process Design...

The Complete Audio Producer 2021

Zero To Professional Production Taught By World Renowned Audio Engineer/Producer Clarian...

Music Production II - Music Production Workflow - COMPLETE!

Learn to create a Music Production Workflow, and produce professional quality music within any Music Production DAW!...

Become a Product Marketing Manager Product Management

Product Marketing Strategy: Marketing New Product: Product to Market: Product Promotion: New Product Launch Strategy...

Product Launch: How to Go to Market Product Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy, Product Marketing, Product Marketing Manager, Product Management, Product Manager, Marketing Plan...

Drainage in Agriculture: controlling water and salt levels in the soil
edX (Global)

Increasing scarcity of natural resources ****The demand for safe and healthy food is rapidly increasing. The world population is growing and is projected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050. How do we prepare for this and how are we going to be able to feed all these people? Global climate change raises the pressure on supply and demand for water. Changing temperatures and long-term variation in annual precipitation amounts and regional distribution patterns require more ways to control water levels...

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