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Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an Alumni Relations Coordinator. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Alumni Relations Coordinator resumes they appeared on. For example, 39.0% of Alumni Relations Coordinator resumes contained Alumni as a skill. Let's find out what skills an Alumni Relations Coordinator actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Alumni Relations Coordinator Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Alumni

Alumni is a term used for graduate students of a school, college, university, or any other educational institution. The term is also used for employees of a company or a previous member of a group or an organization that has been retired. Alumni represent the institutions or organizations that they were previously associated with.

Here's how alumni is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Organize and facilitate the Ross University Alumni Recognition Program, as a means to identify and reward distinguished medical professional alumni.
  • Close collaboration with Alumni Association Board of Directors ensuring strong and productive relationships between its members and academic / administrative leadership
  • Created initial quarterly alumni newsletter featuring articles from The Meadows Senior Fellows to foster continuing relationships with clientele.
  • Cultivated alumni relationships and engaged with student organizations to connect alumni and students across 4 schools.
  • Developed alumni activities based on their interests, submitted proposals for funding of larger alumni projects.

2. Special Events

Here's how special events is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Maintained all special events within projected annual alumnae budget and completed event form analysis.
  • Identified and recruited alumni for participation in special events and programs.
  • Provided support to Development Division by creating and directing special events.
  • Worked with contributor relations team on all special events communications.
  • Managed venues coordination for departmental meetings, special events and job fairs with a 95% customer service satisfaction rate.

3. Powerpoint

Powerpoint is an application developed by Microsoft which allows users to create slides of important information to present. It is used mainly for school presentations and businesses. It is commonly used and regarded as the "gold standard" in the field of presentation applications.

Here's how powerpoint is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Prepared PowerPoint presentations for community leaders demonstrating, the financial and other advantages of continuing franchise agreements with the company.
  • Coordinated the Many Mansions Speakers Bureau, soliciting support from government and community organizations through polished, thorough PowerPoint presentations.
  • Coordinate special projects such as furniture exhibitions with PowerPoint presentations for International & Strategic Directors and Managers as needed.
  • Developed PowerPoint presentations; gave community educational presentations; presented at state and regional public health conferences.
  • Created and executed PowerPoint presentations in coordination with surgeons to owners and benefits managers of companies.

4. Background Checks

Here's how background checks is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Conduct reference and background checks for candidates in final rounds.
  • Contracted carriers and setup background checks Updated paperwork required by federal regulations for driver
  • Approved broker, shipper and manufacturer applications, Performed background checks on all brokers with the FMCSA.
  • Managed court researchers from 6 Southeastern states for employment background checks of civil and criminal searches.
  • Set up and conduct interviews, run several background checks on each applicant.

5. Data Entry

Data entry means entering data into a company's system with the help of a keyboard. A person responsible for entering data may also be asked to verify the authenticity of the data being entered. A person doing data entry must pay great attention to tiny details.

Here's how data entry is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Maintain alumni database through accurate data entry.
  • Provided customer service, as well as data entry on accounts for adds, changes disconnects, for telecommunication services.
  • Process orders of the broker accounts, set up delivery appointments, data entry and customer service.
  • Handled data entry, created various sample templates, trained consumer relations staff.
  • Assisted in document review, file management and data entry for a professional liability insurance company geared toward federal employees.

6. Facebook

Here's how facebook is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Respond to all Facebook, Twitter, phone and email complaints in a timely and professional manner.
  • Write posts for APA social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Head of Social Media for the Music division; managed Facebook & Twitter.
  • Revitalized social media presence via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Maintained University Relations social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter - Dell SMaC Certified

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Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume
Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume

7. Linkedin

Here's how linkedin is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Organized and created advertising for company through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and website.
  • Draft compelling material to be shared on social media including: Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Devised social media posts utilizing Hoot suite, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.
  • Utilized LinkedIn, Google search to identify B2B decision-makers and generate warm leads.
  • Arrange discussion topics for professional networking site, LinkedIn, for the TAC audience.

8. Administrative Tasks

Here's how administrative tasks is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Perform various administrative tasks and projects
  • Recorded data on Alum database * Plan and coordinate events for Alum * Completed administrative tasks as needed
  • Executed administrative tasks such as producing recruitment packets, faxing, emailing, and coordinating schedules.
  • Fulfilled all administrative tasks necessary for the success of the department of Church Relations.
  • Assisted organization with administrative tasks related to church training and church planting projects.

9. Salesforce

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company based in San Francisco, California. This company provides customer relationship management services that enable the customers to be closer to the company. It gives the company detailed information about each customer, including marketing, sales, commerce, and services. Salesforce also helps market a product to attract more buyers, and helps win more customers by targeting the right audience.

Here's how salesforce is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Streamlined patient information in SalesForce and Excel to ensure smooth product delivery during launch
  • Update corporate service project information such as attendance and registration in Salesforce.com.
  • Verify all information is complete on AmeriPlus applications and activate in Salesforce.
  • Maintained and edited member records and information in Salesforce database.
  • Managed different partner accounts through Salesforce.

10. Board Meetings

Board meetings are the meetings held by an organization's board to review performance and other management issues.

Here's how board meetings is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Key Contributions: - Planned and executed 25-30 events and board meetings annually.
  • Monitored and analyzed donor information and developed reports for staff and board meetings.
  • Supervised tenant board meetings and association meetings and made recommendations for the associations.
  • Coordinated alumni association board meetings and conducted meetings in accordance with committee bylaws.
  • Preformed extensive research on multiple projects simultaneously, and proceeded to present my findings at Project Board Meetings.

11. Event Logistics

Event logistics refers to establishing and managing events within the organization where the organizers plan, control, and manage transfer and storage of the required amenities.

Here's how event logistics is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Organized alumni events including RSVPs, coordination with outside vendors and day of event logistics.
  • Coordinate event logistics, including registration and attendee tracking, presentation and materials support.
  • Plan donor cultivation and recognition events, and manage event logistics.

12. Promotional Materials

Promotional material is any document or article - written, printed, graphic, electronic, audio, or video presentation, distributed or made available in whole or in part on behalf of a product, cause, idea, person, or business for promotion, advertisement, announcement or direction. Promotional materials are used to make a business stand out from its competitors and to engage the target audience.

Here's how promotional materials is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Process incoming promotional materials request.
  • Created and wrote promotional materials, invitations and fliers.
  • Obtained sponsorship agreements for publications; oversaw development of promotional materials and signage; conducted economic impact analysis for the event.
  • Involved with all aspects of integrated non-profit event management: site selection/contract negotiation, proposal negotiation and production of promotional materials.
  • Maintained and filtered contact lists from opt-in proprietary customer database for mass email communications, event promotions and invitations.

13. Financial Support

Financial support is the financial resource or money provided to an organization to support its operations. Financial support is generally provided by the government, or private institutes such as non-profits, or aid institutes. Financial support usually does not have any interests or benefits to be returned.

Here's how financial support is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Maintained accurate knowledge of federal financial support available for education needs.

14. Community Outreach

Here's how community outreach is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Coordinate and collaborate on community relations events and promotions including player appearances, team promotional events, and community outreach programs.
  • Work collaboratively with the Prevention & Education Coordinator to address community outreach initiatives that address child victims of abuse and trauma.
  • Organized regional community outreach through social responsibility branding; building relationships with schools, teachers, religious organizations, and community organizations
  • Coordinated and participated in community outreach events for informing consumers of the procedures and policies related to the Digital Television transition.
  • Assisted in developing and implementing communications strategies including media relations and community outreach for a large-scale infrastructure project.

15. Travel Arrangements

Here's how travel arrangements is used on alumni relations coordinator resumes:
  • Coordinated travel arrangements and calendar.
  • Scheduled and facilitated onsite interviews, coordinated travel arrangements and processed expense reimbursements, debriefed candidates on interview experience.
  • Provided administrative support to the Western Operations manager, including international travel arrangements and expense reporting.
  • Managed busy calendars, made travel arrangements and coordinated weekly appointments with potential clients.
  • Planned and scheduled travel arrangements for multiple executives and staff with multiple destinations.
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The eight most common skills based on Alumni Relations Coordinator resumes in 2022.

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List Of Skills To Add To Your Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant Alumni Relations Coordinator Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Alumni
  • Special Events
  • Powerpoint
  • Background Checks
  • Data Entry
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Salesforce
  • Board Meetings
  • Event Logistics
  • Promotional Materials
  • Financial Support
  • Community Outreach
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Community Members
  • Information Sessions
  • Internal Departments
  • Positive Relationships
  • Career Fairs
  • Office Supplies
  • Database
  • On-Campus Events
  • Twitter
  • Social Events
  • HR
  • Press Releases
  • Association Board
  • New Members
  • Professional Development
  • Job Descriptions
  • Community Events
  • Exit Interviews
  • Expense Reports
  • Strategic Plan
  • Communication
  • Annual Budget
  • Staff Members
  • Trade Shows
  • High Schools
  • Education Department
  • VIP
  • Member Agencies
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Scholarship

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Most Common Skills For Alumni Relations Coordinators

RankAlumni Relations Coordinator SkillPercentage of Alumni Relations Coordinators
2Special Events9.8%
4Background Checks5%
5Data Entry3.9%
8Administrative Tasks2.6%
10Board Meetings2.4%
11Event Logistics1.7%
12Promotional Materials1.6%
13Financial Support1.6%
14Community Outreach1.4%
15Travel Arrangements1.3%
16Community Members1.2%
17Information Sessions1%
18Internal Departments1%
19Positive Relationships1%
20Career Fairs0.9%
21Office Supplies0.9%
23On-Campus Events0.7%
25Social Events0.6%
27Press Releases0.5%
28Association Board0.5%
29New Members0.4%
30Professional Development0.4%
31Job Descriptions0.4%
32Community Events0.3%
33Exit Interviews0.3%
34Expense Reports0.3%
35Strategic Plan0.2%
37Annual Budget0.2%
38Staff Members0.2%
39Trade Shows0.2%
40High Schools0.2%
41Education Department0.2%
43Member Agencies0.1%
44On-Campus Interviews0.1%

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