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Updated August 22, 2022

Amazon Salary Estimate


$31.16 hourly

Entry level Salary
$29,000 yearly

How Much Does Amazon Pay?

Amazon pays an average salary of $64,805 per year or $31.16 per hour. There is a significant gap between what Amazon pays the bottom 10 percent of earners and the top 10 percent of earners. The lowest-paid workers at Amazon make less than $29,000 a year, while the highest-paid workers earn over $144,000. Amazon employees in different sectors tend to have different salaries as well. For example, employees in the business development sector earn an average yearly salary of $143,390, while employees in the research & development sector earn an average yearly salary of $135,417. Due to variations in the cost of living, location influences how much Amazon pays employees. Amazon pays employees the most in Sunnyvale, CA and Seattle, WA.

Highest Paying Jobs At Amazon

While Amazon employees earn an average yearly salary of $64,805, different roles can command different wages. Some of the job titles with high salaries at Amazon are information technology project manager, solutions architect, scientist, and data engineer. A typical information technology project manager salary at Amazon is $147,856 per year. Other roles at Amazon include warehouse associate and stower. A warehouse associate at Amazon earns an average yearly salary of $32,586.

Highest Paying Jobs At Amazon

RankJob TitleAverage Amazon SalaryHourly Rate
1Information Technology Project Manager$147,856$71.08
2Solutions Architect$145,783$70.09
4Data Engineer$132,051$63.49
5Application Software Developer$129,240$62.13
6Software Development Engineer$127,608$61.35
7Engine Development Technician$122,974$59.12
8Program Manager$112,975$54.31
9Finance Analyst$98,418$47.32
10Business Analyst$95,924$46.12
11Systems Administrator$92,385$44.42
13Delivery Driver$35,951$17.28
14Package Handler$35,822$17.22
15Inventory Controller$35,446$17.04
17Forklift Operator$35,132$16.89
18Order Filler$34,808$16.73
19Material Handler$34,238$16.46
20Fulfillment Associate$34,133$16.41

Highest Paying Amazon Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of Amazon are eBay, Shopbop, and Best Buy. Employees at eBay earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $107,595. The employees at Shopbop earn an average yearly salary of $43,836 per year, and the salaries at Best Buy average $35,705 per year.

Salaries By Amazon Competitors

RankCompany NameZippia ScoreAverage Salary
3Best Buy4.7$35,705
5Whole Foods Market4.5$32,699

Average Pay By State For Amazon

RankStateAverage Amazon SalaryHourly Rate
5New York$62,567$30.08
11New Jersey$59,025$28.38
12District of Columbia$57,965$27.87

How Much Does Amazon Pay By Location?

It's no secret that workers earn different salaries in different parts of the country, since the cost of living can be much higher in certain areas. Employees at Amazon earn different salaries depending on their region. The city that stands out for having the highest pay is Sunnyvale, CA, where Amazon pays its workers an average salary of $74,175. Amazon Employees in Seattle, WA don't earn quite as much. The median salary in Seattle, WA is $72,272.

Salaries By Location At Amazon

RankLocationAverage Amazon SalaryHourly Rate
1Sunnyvale, CA$74,175$35.66
2Seattle, WA$72,272$34.75
3Portland, OR$66,304$31.88
4New York, NY$62,530$30.06
5Boston, MA$62,284$29.94
6Tempe, AZ$61,796$29.71
7Jersey City, NJ$59,354$28.54
8Denver, CO$58,998$28.36
9Dallas, TX$55,760$26.81
10Herndon, VA$55,632$26.75
11Chicago, IL$54,029$25.98
12Detroit, MI$53,508$25.73
13Nashville, TN$51,352$24.69
14Atlanta, GA$50,481$24.27

Amazon Salaries By Department

Salaries at Amazon differ depending on the department or organizational function. Based on our analysis, the employees in business development earn salaries at Amazon that are well above average, with yearly earnings averaging $143,390. The second-highest paying department is research & development, where employees earn an average salary of $135,417 per year. On the lower end of the pay scale, the warehouse and customer service functions pay lower wages, with average employee salaries of $33,440, and $36,016, respectively.

Salaries By Department At Amazon

RankDepartmentAverage Amazon SalaryHourly Rate
1Business Development$143,390$68.94
2Research & Development$135,417$65.10
6Non Profit/Government$100,349$48.24
9Supply Chain$44,465$21.38
10Customer Service$36,017$17.32

How Much Does Amazon Pay by Department?

Best Paying Amazon Warehouse Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage Amazon SalaryHourly Rate
1Order Selector$37,130$17.85
3Package Handler$35,822$17.22
4Inventory Controller$35,446$17.04
6Forklift Operator$35,132$16.89
7Order Filler$34,808$16.73
8Shipping And Receiving Clerk$34,697$16.68
9Shipping And Receiving Coordinator$34,282$16.48
10Material Handler$34,238$16.46
11Fulfillment Associate$34,133$16.41
14Fulfillment Specialist$33,693$16.20
17Warehouse Worker$32,951$15.84
18Production Worker$32,827$15.78

Best Paying Amazon Engineering Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage Amazon SalaryHourly Rate
1Software Development Manager$165,706$79.67
2Database Administrator$136,796$65.77
3Senior Project Manager$132,361$63.64
4Data Engineer$132,051$63.49
5Software Development Engineer$127,608$61.35
6Data Scientist$124,816$60.01
7Bioinformatics Team Member$33,304$16.01

Best Paying Amazon IT Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage Amazon SalaryHourly Rate
1Information Technology Project Manager$147,856$71.08
2Solutions Architect$145,783$70.09
3Security Engineer$143,088$68.79
4Senior Security Consultant$142,193$68.36
5Infrastructure Architect$138,432$66.55
6Senior Project Manager$132,361$63.64
7Enterprise Engineer$132,322$63.62
8Securities Consultant$128,419$61.74
9Information Technology Analyst$116,576$56.05
10Systems Specialist$102,101$49.09
11Systems Administrator$92,385$44.42
12Programmer Analyst$90,281$43.40
13Data Center Technician$39,998$19.23

Recently Added Amazon Salaries

JobLocationDate AddedSalary
Warehouse Operator-ImmediateMesa, AZ05/03/2023$34,122
Distribution Center Laborer-Anytime PayRoswell, GA05/03/2023$36,523
Distribution Center Team Member-Up ToMesa, AZ05/03/2023$34,122
Amazon Warehouse Assistant-Up ToLiberty, SC05/03/2023$36,523
Package Handler-Overnight Shifts AvailableBow, NH05/03/2023$41,218

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Salaries

Is The Pay Good At Amazon?

Yes, the pay is good at Amazon. Compared to the industry average of $47,780 per year, the average annual salary at Amazon is $64,805, which is 35.63% higher.

What Is The Starting Pay At Amazon?

The starting pay at Amazon is $29,000 per year, or $13.94 per hour.

How Much Does Amazon Pay Compared To Ebay?

Amazon pays $64,805 per year on average compared to eBay which pays $107,595. That works out to $31.16 per hour at Amazon, compared to $51.73 per hour at eBay.

How Much Does Amazon Pay An Hour?

Amazon pays $31.16 an hour, on average.

Does Amazon Pay Weekly?

Yes, Amazon pays weekly. However, this is generally for employees of Amazon who work shift positions. Typically, full-time positions at Amazon are paid biweekly, which is standard for full-time employees. Weekly pay is somewhat atypical for shift work employees, so Amazon is different in this regard.

How Does Amazon's Sign-on Bonus Work?

Here is all the relevant information on how Amazon's sign-on bonus works:

  • Eligibility

    The sign-on bonus offer is restricted to new or returning Amazon associates, and senior employees (L4 and above). Most employees that are already working at Amazon are not eligible for this sign-on bonus.

  • Details of the Amazon sign-on bonus

    The sign-on bonus ranges in terms of pay, from $1,000 up to as much as $3,000. However, at a few Amazon locations, the company is offering T1 associates up to $5,000 for the sign-on bonus. Also, it is worth noting that not all Amazon facilities are participating in this sign-on bonus program.

  • Sign-on bonuses for higher roles at Amazon

    Amazon L4 employees, in roles like area manager, have a different and more substantial sign-on bonus program. In many Amazon locations, the bonus for L4 employees is somewhere around $5,000 or more for the first year of amazon employment and $2,000 for the second year of employment. These details also apply:

    • Bonuses for the first year of employment are paid in one lump sum at the start of employment

    • Bonuses for the second year of employment are paid in installments

    • Unlike lower-level employees, if an L4 employee quits within the first year, they must pay back the sign-on bonus to Amazon

    • L4 employees must also pay back the second year bonus, if they quit before they complete their second year of employment at Amazon

  • Amazon reasoning for the sign-on bonus

    The company has been struggling recently due to labor shortages in its supply chain operations. These sign-on bonuses are meant to attract both new and former Amazon workers. There is currently a lot of competition between companies in this sector of the job market, and Amazon wants to meet its employee demand for the peak season (November - December).

How Does Unpaid Time Off Work At Amazon?

Amazon unpaid time works by allowing employees to take up to a maximum of two weeks of unpaid leave per year. This includes vacation, sabbatical, personal days, and jury duty leave.

Employees can also take unpaid leave for family or medical reasons, such as to care for a sick family member or to receive medical treatment themselves.

How Many Vacation Days Do You Get At Amazon?

The number of vacation days you get at Amazon varies. The answer to this question depends on certain factors, including:

  • The specific role you haveThe location in which you work for AmazonThe length of your employment with the company

    Amazon normally offers a tiered-based system for paid time off (PTO). This means that the number of vacation days you get directly relates to how long you have worked for the company in terms of years. New employees at Amazon start out with a certain amount of PTO and gradually gain more PTO over the years of service they have at the company.

What Are Amazon's Work Hours?

Amazon's work hours depend on the department you work in and the job title you have at Amazon. Amazon warehouse employees have shifts of 10 hours with a 30-minute lunch break.

Here are some common shift times for Amazon warehouse workers:

What Is A Sioc Certification?

A Ship In Own Container (SIOC) certification is an Amazon certification that allows e-commerce entities using the platform to ship a product in its original packaging. This SIOC certification is why you sometimes may receive a package from Amazon that has no outer packaging, such as a brown outer box. Rather, it is just shipped in its original packaging.

What Is The Salary Of The Ceo Of Amazon?

The salary of the CEO of Amazon is $175,000 per year; however, Andrew R. Jassy made $212,701,169 in total compensation last year.

Jassy earned a base salary of $175,000, $0 as a bonus, $0 in stock options, $211,933,520 was awarded to him as stock, and $592,649 came to the CEO in the form of other types of compensation.

Jassy's total compensation is 6,474 times as much as the median Amazon worker salary of $32,855 per year.

When Does Amazon Pay A Sign-on Bonus?

Amazon pays a sign-on bonus for the first year of employment in one lump sum on the new employee's first paycheck.

Here is all of the current information on Amazon's sign-on bonuses for new employees and former employees returning to work at Amazon:

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