Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does American Home Furniture Pay?
As an employee at American Home Furniture in the USA, you can expect to earn an average salary of $45,401 per year, or $21.0 an hour. There is a significant gap between the bottom 10 percent of earners and the top 10 percent of earners. The lowest-paid workers at American Home Furniture make less than $24,000 a year, while the highest-paid workers can earn over $85,000. Show More

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American Home Furniture Salaries By Department

Our data shows that different departments at American Home Furniture pay different salaries. For example, workers in the corporate management function earn the highest salaries at American Home Furniture, with average earnings of $129,861. Employees in the it department receive relatively high salaries as well, where wages average $65,630 per year. Departments that don't pay as well at American Home Furniture include the hospitality/service and customer service organizational functions, with employees earning $22,436 and $29,689, respectively.
Average Salary

Corporate Management

Salary Range102k - 165k$130k$129,861


Salary Range49k - 87k$66k$65,630

Human Resources

Salary Range47k - 90k$65k$65,454


Salary Range38k - 76k$54k$54,429


Salary Range41k - 70k$54k$53,788


Salary Range38k - 65k$51k$50,576


Salary Range37k - 65k$50k$49,708


Salary Range35k - 67k$49k$48,746


Salary Range35k - 64k$48k$47,612


Salary Range28k - 50k$38k$37,665

American Home Furniture Salaries By Job Title

While American Home Furniture employees earn an average yearly salary of $45,401, different roles can command different wages. Some of the positions that earn high wages at American Home Furniture include owner/operator, mortgage broker, senior underwriter, and president/owner. A worker with the title owner/operator salary at American Home Furniture can earn an average yearly salary of $171,786. To get a better sense of the salaries at American Home Furniture, other roles such as lumber associate and cashier can be considered as well. For comparison, the title lumber associate at American Home Furniture earns $20,933 per year.
Job Title
Average Salary

Owner/Operator Jobs

Salary Range146k - 201k$172k$171,786

Mortgage Broker Jobs

Salary Range121k - 141k$131k$130,701

Senior Underwriter Jobs

Salary Range100k - 118k$109k$108,903

President/Owner Jobs

Salary Range88k - 114k$100k$100,497

Marketing Director Jobs

Salary Range90k - 107k$99k$98,969

Controller Jobs

Salary Range84k - 104k$94k$94,253

Nursing Director Jobs

Salary Range71k - 83k$77k$77,255

Physical Therapist Jobs

Salary Range69k - 85k$77k$77,095

Sales Manager Jobs

Salary Range55k - 78k$66k$66,262

Registered Nurse Jobs

Salary Range55k - 72k$63k$63,121

American Home Furniture Jobs You Might Like

American Home Furniture Finance Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Finance Consultant
Salary Range63k - 75k$70k$69,632
Branch Manager
Salary Range52k - 64k$58k$58,062

Automobile Claims Representative

Salary Range46k - 50k$49k$48,686
Loan Officer
Salary Range42k - 49k$46k$46,000
Junior Underwriter
Salary Range41k - 49k$46k$45,524
Finance Specialist
Salary Range41k - 46k$44k$44,016

Post-Process Operator

Salary Range35k - 39k$37k$37,456
Loan Processor
Salary Range34k - 38k$36k$36,242
Mortgage Processor
Salary Range33k - 36k$35k$34,725
Post Closer
Salary Range32k - 36k$34k$34,336

American Home Furniture Sales Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary

Retail Account Manager

Salary Range89k - 102k$95k$95,432
Sales Manager
Salary Range55k - 78k$66k$66,262
Account Executive
Salary Range55k - 64k$60k$59,604
Sales Associate
Salary Range29k - 37k$33k$33,129
Merchandising Associate
Salary Range26k - 29k$28k$27,702

American Home Furniture Healthcare Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Manager Of Clinical Services
Salary Range80k - 88k$84k$84,160
Nursing Director
Salary Range71k - 83k$77k$77,255
Physical Therapist
Salary Range69k - 85k$77k$77,095
Registered Nurse Case Manager
Salary Range67k - 77k$72k$72,362
Occupational Therapist
Salary Range62k - 73k$67k$67,413
Clinical Coordinator
Salary Range45k - 57k$51k$51,108
Licensed Practical Nurse
Salary Range42k - 51k$47k$46,789
Salary Range27k - 38k$32k$32,181
Certified Nursing Assistant
Salary Range27k - 31k$29k$29,289
Nurses' Aide
Salary Range25k - 28k$27k$26,712

American Home Furniture Salaries By Location

When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. At American Home Furniture, the employees are paid different salaries depending on their location.
Average Salary

New York, NY Jobs

Salary Range36k - 86k$56k$55,812

Antioch, CA Jobs

Salary Range32k - 77k$50k$50,212

Owings Mills, MD Jobs

Salary Range31k - 77k$50k$49,651

Dearborn, MI Jobs

Salary Range27k - 70k$44k$44,413

American Home Furniture Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of American Home Furniture are Miller's, Twin Cities Stores, and Quinn. Employees at Miller's earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $54,697. The employees at Twin Cities Stores earn an average yearly salary of $47,230 per year, and the salaries at Quinn average $47,177 per year.
Average Salary
Salary Range37k - 79k$55k$54,697

Twin Cities Stores

Salary Range34k - 65k$47k$47,230
Salary Range32k - 69k$47k$47,177

Classic Auto Group

Salary Range32k - 68k$47k$47,130

Riverview Chevrolet

Salary Range32k - 65k$46k$46,125
Salary Range30k - 67k$46k$45,705
Frost Management co
Salary Range28k - 63k$43k$42,580
Salary Range28k - 57k$41k$40,624
Tri Star Energy
Salary Range27k - 51k$38k$37,683
A & E Stores
Salary Range25k - 54k$37k$36,944

American Home Furniture Jobs