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    The Borough of Ellwood City is accepting applications for Animal Control Officer.
    $31k-42k yearly est.3d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    Job DescriptionAnimal Control Officer Closing Date: Open until filled The City of Falls Church Police Department is recruiting for a full-time, Animal Control Officer. The City of Falls Church Police is seeking dynamic and goal-driven employees who are motivated to take on today's greatest challenges and rewards in the field of local public service.
    $50.9k-67.5k yearly10d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    Job DescriptionThe beautiful City of New Carrollton is looking for a highly motivated Animal Control Officer that will enforce laws concerning the care and treatment of animals, protect and rescue domesticated animals, and maintain public health standards.
    $33k-55k yearly est.23d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    * Passion for the Humane Rescue Alliance mission, for caring for all animals regardless of age, breed, temperament, or species, and supporting and educating members of the public, free of judgment or bias. * Perform other related duties and special projects as assigned by Animal Control Manager. * Interact with and educate the public on the responsibility of companion animal ownership, explaining provisions of the DC Animal Control Act.
    $36k-63k yearly est.36d ago
  • Infection Control Officer

    Participate in meetings conducted by the JHHS Response Team and other meetings held to discuss these plans, policies, and procedures at the Pueblo of Jemez. Ensure full compliance of all employees within the Pueblo of Jemez follow and adhere to the Exposure Control Plans. Functions as JHHS Infection Control Officer.
    $23k-39k yearly est.15d ago
  • Animal Control Officer I

    B 80-4 b. Non-Supervisory 88314/ Protective Service 1 NATURE OF JOB:This is highly complex fieldwork in the enforcement of the Bay County Animal Control Ordinances in unincorpor Officer, Animal, Control, Operations, Skills, Processing, Manufacturing
    $35k-46k yearly est.1d ago

    The Animal Control Officer will also coordinate the adoption program and will be required to work holidays and weekends. * Enforces laws and ordinances/orders by catching and impounding animals running at large in rural areas of Cameron County. In addition, the Animal Control Officer will perform animal shelter duties, which follow well established procedures such as clean/disinfect kennels/bowls, feed, euthanize and monitor the behavior and health of impounded animals.
    $24.2k yearly1d ago
  • Animal Control Officer - Topeka Police Department

    The City of Topeka is seeking a qualified individual to serve as an Animal Control Officer in the Topeka Police Department.
    $17.8 hourly9d ago
  • Chief Animal Control Officer

    The Chief Animal Control Officer plans, directs, organizes, coordinates, and evaluates animal control activities including the enforcement of laws related to animal protection and the sheltering of animals; develops and implements animal control programs and field enforcement policies; assists with the coordination of division activities with other City departments and outside agencies. The City of Sacramento requires all newly appointed employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment.
    $32k-47k yearly est.5d ago
  • Animal Control and Protection Administrator - EM-03

    * Keeps up to date and maintains a working knowledge of laws and regulations applicable to the Animal Control and Protection Agency; ensures that field and animal sheltering operations are operating safely, effectively, and efficiently. * Manages, administers, directs, and coordinates the operations and activities of the Animal Control and Protection Agency for the County of Hawai'i including operations, programs, staffing, community outreach and budget administration. * Promotes community and public relations for the agency; responds to inquiries and complaints from the general public and County officials by directing or conducting investigations; represents the County at meetings and conferences with other government agencies, the County Council, State Legislature, community groups, and individuals regarding animal control matters. Manages, administers, directs, and coordinates the operations and activities of the Animal Control and Protection Agency for the County of Hawai'i; oversees the agency's field operations; develops and implements policies and procedures; and performs other related duties as required. * Develops and evaluates programs, policies, procedures, projects, and services; addresses service quality issues as needed; reviews feasibility of and recommends modifications to adapt programs to meet the Animal Control and Protection Agencies objectives; develops modifications and implements services and develops and implements short and long-range plans. One (1) immediate permanent full-time vacancy with the Office of the Mayor in Hilo.
    $34k-46k yearly est.Easy Apply3d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    Animal Control Officers are responsible for enforcing municipal ordinances as they relate to animals. Animal Control Officers ACOs) must be able to comprehend municipal ordinances and state statutes, as well as department policy.
    $25.5-34.5 hourly13d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    The Animal Control Officer exercises considerable independent judgment in the daily operation with the supervision of the Police Chief or other assigned supervisor. Job DescriptionSalary: $12.50 per hour This is routine field work involved with the enforcement of some various laws and ordinances established by the City Council of the City of Millbrook, Alabama relating to the care, control, and regulation of dogs and various other animals.
    $12.5 hourly33d ago
  • Animal Control Officer III

    * Serves as lead Animal Control Officer performing investigations in the more complex cases involving enforcement of animal control regulations which are likely to require knowledge of court decisions or intent of the law. * Experience at the level of Animal Control Officer I refers to experience enforcing State, County and City codes and ordinances governing animal control including the care and treatment, impounding, quarantine, licensing vaccination, and regulation of a variety of animals. DEFINITION: Serves as lead Animal Control Officer by assisting in the operation of an Animal Care Center/Shelter and in enforcing State, County and City codes and ordinances governing animal control functions such as animal care, field enforcement, shelter maintenance, licensing, and related assignments. Three years of experience at the level of Animal Control Officer I* for an animal control/regulatory agency. Positions allocable to this class serve as a lead Animal Control Officer, under the technical direction and administrative supervision of higher-level personnel, and handle the more difficult and complex assignments of animal control.
    $40k-64k yearly est.Easy Apply7d ago

    You will serve as a SUPERVISORY RANGE CONTROL OFFICER in the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center of OFFICE OF THE COMMANDING GENERAL.
    $37k-68k yearly est.13d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    Patrol assigned areas; pursue animals by vehicle and on foot; capture and impound unlicensed, stray, and uncontrolled animals; snare animals using special devices; cage or secure animals in Animal Control vehicles. Under general supervision, to perform a variety of duties involved in the enforcement and communication of State and local laws, codes, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to the care, keeping, treatment, and control of animals; to respond to calls and patrol the City for animal control related problems; and to prepare accurate records and reports pertaining to activities.
    $31.7-42.5 hourly41d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    Works to educate the public on animal control related issues.
    $29k-47k yearly est.37d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    OR One (1) year of work experience as an Animal Control Officer, or equivalent job capacity, in another Local, State or County jurisdiction.
    $45k-68k yearly est.7d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    * Leash Law - Responsible for the daily education of adults and children about Harris County leash laws, animal safety and responsible pet ownership. Harris County Public Health (HCPH) includes a network of more than 700 public health professionals working together to improve health outcomes for the third most populous county in the United States. * Requests for Service - Responds to citizen requests for service as outlined in the Animal Control Officer Training Manual. * Dangerous Dogs - Responsible for the inspection of Dangerous Dog facilities to insure that they comply with Harris County Regulations. * Must complete the Department of State Health Services' Basic Animal Control Officer's Certification within one year of employment and maintain that certification. HCPH provides a multitude of services such as medical and dental services, community programming, and health education for the approximately 2.3 million people in unincorporated Harris County. Through its core values of innovation, engagement, and health equity, HCPH strives to bring meaningful solutions to public health issues while keeping Harris County healthy and vibrant.
    22d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    Under general supervision, performs routine to complex duties involved in the enforcement and communication of animal services codes, ordinances, and regulations; ensures public safety by capturing and caring for wild, vicious, and/or injured animals; and performs related work as required for the cities of Piedmont and Emeryville. This is a working level class in animal control, responsible for enforcing applicable regulations in a civilian capacity.
    $5k monthly18d ago
  • Animal Control Officer

    Attendance at the Animal Control Officer Academy sponsored by the Washington Animal Control Association required within two years of hire date.
    $24.7-31.5 hourly28d ago

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Average Salary For an Animal Control Officer

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for an Animal Control Officer is $39,903 per year or $19 per hour. The highest paying Animal Control Officer jobs have a salary over $68,000 per year while the lowest paying Animal Control Officer jobs pay $23,000 per year

Updated June 1, 2023
Average Animal Control Officer Salary
$41,181 yearly
$19 hourly

4 Common Career Paths For an Animal Control Officer

Veterinary Technician

A Veterinary Technician, also known as Vet Tech, specializes in performing laboratory tasks and providing immediate and necessary care to animals in a Hospital Clinic or Research Facility under the supervision of a Veterinarian. Moreover, a Veterinary Technician is in charge of administering medicines or treatments, gathering samples such as blood and urine for analysis, monitoring a patient's condition and learning its history, and conducting hygienic procedures such as dental and welfare. There also instances where a Veterinary Technician must communicate with pet owners, sharing extensive knowledge on how to take better care of them.

VET Assistant

VET Assistants are in-charge of taking care of the well-being of animals in Veterinary clinics and hospitals. Most of the tasks involved are feeding, bathing, weighing, and providing overall nursing care of animals on a routine and sometimes daily basis. VET is short for Veterinary, and as the job title implies, one must also provide assistance to Veterinarians, Veterinary Technologists, or Animal Scientists during Procedures and even Surgeries. A VET Assistant is expected to be equipped with good communication skills and compassion towards animals, but above all, one must also have emotional strength as there are cases which might involve abuse and even euthanasia.

Police Officer

Police officers are responsible for keeping peace and security in a community. They uphold and enforce the law. They ensure that people in their assigned community follow the law. They also ensure that proper sanctions are given out to anyone who does not follow. Some police officers are assigned in the field, meaning they work outside of police stations. Those assigned to police stations are responsible for maintaining administrative matters as well, aside from maintaining peace and order. Police officers are expected to be trustworthy, to work with honor, and to keep their integrity intact.

Security Guard

Security guards are responsible for maintaining and ensuring the peace and safety of the building they are assigned to. They ensure that everyone who enters the building has official business to be done in the building. They are also in charge of patrolling and monitoring activities within the area. Security guards are also tasked to immobilize anyone who seems to pose a threat to the peace and safety of the building. They are also responsible for preventing any untoward incidences or crimes that may happen in the area. Security guards must be observant and alert to be able to succeed in their roles.

Illustrated Career Paths For an Animal Control Officer