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Business Analyst vs. Project Manager

By Zippia Team - Jul. 8, 2022

A business analyst is a professional responsible for directing and supervising employees, while a project manager is a professional that manages a project on a day-to-day basis.

A business analyst is tasked with leading and supervising a set of employees to ensure productivity and efficiency of operations. They provide guidance on how best to handle different tasks while maintaining customer satisfaction. Business analysts also provide feedback and give recommendations to clients, and gather and analyze financial data.

A project manager provides an array of different functions on a work project. These mostly have to do with the time, scope, and budget of the project. They may be in charge of allocating and assigning different resources or personnel to a project. Project managers generally handle large teams of people that work on a specific project.

Here are the key differences between a business analyst and a project manager:

  • A business analyst is responsible for a business project in gathering the required elements and evaluating the project

  • A project manager is responsible for managing the project as a whole

  • The role of a business analyst is to communicate with stakeholders and know their high-priority demands

  • A project manager's role focuses on the funding and timeline of the project

  • In executing a project, a business analyst evaluates the project with test cases, while a project manager is responsible for monitoring the project during this phase

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