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Does a system analyst need to know programming?

By Zippia Expert - Nov. 17, 2021

No, a system analyst does not need to know programming. While systems analysts should enjoy working with computers and be curious about new technologies, they do not necessarily need to do any coding themselves.

However, system analysts should have a basic understanding of programming languages and computer hardware. This is because system analysts spend a significant amount of their time studying computer systems and procedures for using these computer systems to carry out tasks.

Typically, those who work as system analysts fall into one of three categories: systems designers or architects, software quality assurance analysts, and programmer analysts.

System designers create technical solutions for a company, while software quality assurance analysts handle any problems that arise in the system's design. Meanwhile, only the programmer analyst actually writes code and handles the actual creation of software that addresses the company or organization's needs.

Does a system analyst need to know programming?

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