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Does AMC Theaters hire felons?

By Zippia Team - Jul. 28, 2022

Yes, AMC Theaters hires felons. There is numerous supportive evidence that AMC Theaters is open to hiring those with a criminal record. Although factors such as the nature of the felony and duration from when it occurred do play a factor.

From our research, for instance, we have found reports from current or former employees who have a felony. Felonies related to violence, theft, or video pirating make employment at AMC Theaters difficult. Also those that occurred within the last 2 years.

AMC Theaters runs a background check on all new hires.

However, from our research, it does not appear that they do so consistently across theater locations or depending on the position. AMC Theaters, for example, only runs a background check on managers and corporate positions, crew members including bartenders are typically not asked to undergo a criminal background check as a condition of employment.

We recommend being honest with the hiring manager during the interview about anything that might show up on your background check.

Does AMC Theaters hire felons?

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