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Does Chesapeake Energy drug test?

By Zippia Team - Sep. 11, 2022

Yes, Chesapeake Energy drug tests. Chesapeake Energy strives to promote a safe and healthy work environment free from illegal drugs and the illegal use of drugs and alcohol. All employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing, whether administered by a third-party lab or the company.

In addition, drug and alcohol testing may be conducted randomly, at any time without advance notice and/or for cause or reasonable suspicion (such as when drug and/or alcohol complaints are received) and/or following an Incident. An employee may need not be presently on or using company property in order to be tested.

Refusal to consent to or provide a sample for a required drug and/or alcohol test may result in the Supplier and/or Supplier Group member being immediately removed from Company Property and terminated from further service to the Company.

Moreover, they do not hire individuals, who, within the last five years, has been convicted under any criminal drug or alcohol statute for a violation occurring in the workplace or outside the workplace related to any indictment or conviction under the criminal drug or alcohol statute immediately after the event or before performing any Safety-Sensitive duties for the Company.

Chesapeake Energy tests for the following substances cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and phencyclidine; controlled substances such as amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates and barbiturates; and synthetic and other intoxicants such as K-2, Spice, synthetic cannabis, bath salts and Kratom. Cannabis is a deal-breaker regardless if you have a medical cannabis card or if you live in a state where cannabis is legalized.

Chesapeake Energy is also a smoke-free workplace. Employees are not allowed to use tobacco or vaping products while inside the building, company car, or at work-related events. The company provides free smoking cessation programs available to any employee looking to break the habit.

Does Chesapeake Energy drug test?

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