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Does Lockheed Martin drug test?

By Zippia Team - Jul. 8, 2022

Yes, Lockheed Martin drug tests. Due to the nature of many of its high-security projects, they have adopted a strict drug-free workplace policy. Lockheed Martin does a pre-employment drug screening and drug tests when employees start a new project, or in the case of a workplace accident.

Lockheed contracts may require more invasive drug tests as part of a security clearance should you be assigned to them. They are very serious about drug testing and they most certainly can find out if you use cannabis for any reason. Keep in mind that you can be hired without needing a clearance, but then be "asked" to obtain a clearance to work on a given program.

In most cases, however, it is just a one-time pre-employment drug test. Lockheed Martin is not known to randomly drug test its employees. However, any time you gain a security clearance then you are asked to take a drug test.

Does Lockheed Martin drug test?

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