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Graphic Artist vs. Graphic Designer

By Zippia Team - Jul. 28, 2022

A graphic artist is someone commissioned to create graphic art for a specific project, while a graphic designer is a professional who creates visual concepts to communicate information.

Graphic artists may be illustrators or animators. They tend to have a specific style that lends themselves to be hired for certain types of projects. Graphic artists are involved in a wide array of projects including comic books, advertisements, company pamphlets, and book jacket covers.

Graphic designers are visual communicators who create concepts by hand or by using specialized graphic design software. They communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or captivate consumers through both physical and virtual art forms.

This includes pictures, words, or graphics. They communicate with department heads, clients, customers, and other designers, to ensure that their designs accurately reflect the desired message and effectively express the desired information.

Here are the key differences between a graphic artist and a graphic designer:

  • A graphic artist is typically an illustrator or animator, meaning they work hands-on in creating art, this is generally done outside of the digital space

  • A graphic designer works exclusively in the digital space

  • A graphic artist does not use the work of a graphic designer

  • A graphic designer does sometimes use the work of a graphic artist

  • Graphic artists tend to work more in the freelance realm

  • Graphic designers can work in the freelance realm, but more often hold company positions

Graphic Artist vs. Graphic Designer

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