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How many customers does McDonald's have per day?

By Zippia Team - Jun. 29, 2022

McDonald's has 69 million customers per day. In other words, every day, 69 million people around the world buy food from McDonald's. While many people think of McDonald's as an American fixture, the restaurant actually has locations in 118 different countries and territories.

As far as what these 69 million customers are eating, McDonald's sells 75 burgers every second, and french fries have topped the list as the all-time bestselling McDonald's menu item. McDonald's sells 9 million pounds of its fries every day.

McDonald's fries are also regularly listed at the top of consumers' "best french fry" rankings, and they won the number two spot on the LA Times's list in 2019. (Five Guys ranked number one on that list.)

How many customers does McDonald's have per day?

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