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How much does a construction safety inspector make?

By Zippia Team - Jan. 22, 2022

A construction safety inspector makes over $62,000. The lowest 10% of building inspectors earned less than $38,000. Meanwhile, the highest 10% earned more than $100,000.

Construction safety inspectors make sure that the structure of buildings is in line with local and national safety regulations and zoning and contract regulations. This job is safer than most in the construction field, though workers do sometimes have to crawl into a tight space or climb high up on a ladder.

The pay for construction safety inspectors can vary depending on a number of factors. These factors include the level of experience, education, company size, and location. More experienced and educated building inspectors will typically make better money than entry-level building inspectors who may only have an associate's degree.

Additionally, the size of the company influences salary levels. Usually, larger construction companies that require more construction safety inspectors will pay higher salaries in order to draw in competent and well-qualified inspectors to their workforce.

Finally, location plays a factor in salary for construction safety inspectors. Construction safety inspectors who live in large metropolitan areas in the northeast or west coasts will be compensated more highly than those who live in the midwest.

For example, construction safety inspectors typically earn the best salaries in California, earning an average compensation of approximately $91,000 per year. Meanwhile, most midwest states pay construction safety inspectors around $50,000 in a year.

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How much does a construction safety inspector make?

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