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How much does truck driving school cost?

By Zippia Expert - Oct. 12, 2021

Truck driving school cost ranges anywhere from $425 to $10,000. Prices depend on the type of CDL class type, city and state, number of hours of training, and whether you take it at a college or independent school. The median cost of trucking school is $3,500.

There are three types of Certified Driver's License (CDL) classes that determine what type of vehicle can be driven (Class A, Class B, and Class C). Each CDL license has its own special requirements and cost.

There are opportunities to have a company pay the cost of a trucking school or to offer reimbursement assistance. In addition, there are also grants available for those who meet the specific requirements needed. Also, FAFSA offers financial aid to those who are interested.

How much does truck driving school cost?

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