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How to answer the "Why Google" interview question?

By Zippia Team - Sep. 29, 2022

You answer the "Why Google" interview question by breaking it down into two parts; "Why this team" and "Why this position." This question is a tricky one because what Google really wants to know is whether you are willing to spend the time and energy needed to work at Google.

They want to know if the company culture and values align with your traits and vision. Google is known to offer sky-high compensation. They are among the highest-paying tech companies worldwide, but an employee who is solely motivated by the salary is not likely to last in the company.

To answer the "Why Google" question, make sure you fully understand the team and the position that you are applying for. Google is a large company with a flat structure. This means that employees are given freedom and control over their work ideas. To that end, each team is unique in its features, working styles, and hours.

The interviewer wants to ensure that you understand the structure and features of the team you are looking to join. Dig deep and find out if the team is one that has tight deadlines and rigid schedules, or is it a more relaxed environment based on collaboration and development? Explain how you fit into the team dynamics.

Create an answer that highlights your characters and your motivations. Using the STAR method can help you to craft an answer that shows off your qualifications and personality traits. Be sure to include specific examples and evidence to back up your skills and experience.

A sample answer can include:

Google is the leading player in technology today. The variety of products and services that you are offering is unmatched by any other company out there today. I am drawn to this role and this team because of the freedom to be creative while serving productivity and efficiency.

I am particularly interested in your AI technology. I have been working on autonomous technology in my current position and really feel that my passion and experience are a match for this position. As a programmer, I can work on the future of AI with you, and that is extremely motivating.

How to answer the "Why Google" interview question?

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