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How to answer the "Why Microsoft" interview question?

By Zippia Team - Sep. 29, 2022

You answer the "Why Microsoft" interview question by focusing on three parts: how exciting it is to work for them, the critical skills you have that fit their needs, and how you will grow.

Microsoft is known for using behavioral interview questions as part of its technical interview process. Their questions are primarily based on work-life balance, workplace ethics, and general workplace conduct and leadership. The "Why Microsoft" interview question is probably the most common and most important question they will ask.

This question can be tricky to answer, and you should avoid giving a generic or vague response. Your answer needs to be backed up with solid reasons that genuinely show your interest and motivation in working for Microsoft. With this question, Microsoft is trying to determine what type of professional you are.

While there is technically no right or wrong answer, behavioral questions are designed to help the interviewer evaluate whether or not you are a good fit for the company and its work culture/environment. They are looking to see:

  • If you are genuinely enthusiastic about joining the organization. They are not looking for someone who is just there for a job

  • If your values are aligned with the companies

  • If you have done your research on the company and know what you are getting yourself into, or if this is something you are not taking very seriously

To that end, your answer to the "Why Microsoft" interview question needs to reflect all three of the areas above. You should:

  • Emphasize how excited you are to work for a multinational tech corporation like Microsoft

  • Talk about the hard skills that you have and how they are in alignment with the job description.

  • Talk about your specific knowledge of Microsoft and how you believe they can help you grow your career, and how you believe you can help them succeed in their goals.

A sample answer can include:

Who wouldn't want to work for Microsoft? This company is a legend. Microsoft has been around longer than many of the other tech giants, and some of the smartest minds in the industry have worked here and still do. I have been in programming for over ten years and have managed to implement innovative ideas in software applications.

That is why I was drawn to this particular role. I also find Microsoft's customer-driven culture attractive, as this is something I take into consideration for all of my assignments. I am eager to learn more skills and continue to use them to create more innovative solutions for our users. I am drawn to Microsoft because I want to be part of its growth.

How to answer the "Why Microsoft" interview question?

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