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How to answer: "Why Barclays?" in an interview

By Zippia Team - Sep. 29, 2022

To answer "Why Barclays?" in an interview question, use this guide:

There are many facets to this question. Most candidates brush this inquiry off, and often even consider it a throw-away question, which is a mistake. Therefore, "Why Barclays?" may be the most important question your interviewer asks you.

So, let's break down the different elements of this question and how you should answer:

  • Why are you a great fit for the position? This is one piece of information your interviewer is seeking to gain when asking this question.

    You can go into your qualifications and professional achievements, and tie them into how you think they can be utilized at Barclays.

  • What was your motivation for applying to a job with Barclays? This is a tricky one, many candidates just go on to rave about how great Barclays is, and doing this is only half of the way you should answer this section of the question.

    Talk about your career path and goals. Include personal anecdotes from your professional life, and even prior to your professional life, that apply to your motivations. This will give you a well rounded answer.

    It can also have the effect of your interviewer seeing you as a real person and not just another candidate.

  • How will you fit into the company culture of Barclays? Your interviewer wants to make sure your work ethic, principles, and values are a good match for Barclays.

    To prepare for this aspect of the question, you should do as much research as you can on the company culture of Barclays. Tie in previous work experiences if they apply or cite different Barclays objectives and values that you align with.

  • Do you understand Barclays strategies and objectives? This aspect is kind of piggy-backs off of the previous one.

    However, here you can go into deeper detail about what you understand to be Barclays business methods and goals.

  • Do you plan on staying with Barclays for a long time? Your interviewer is trying to determine whether this is just a resume building job, where you will jump ship in a year or two, or if you are in it for the long haul.

    It's important to be as honest as possible, and if landing a job at Barclays is your dream, it won't be hard for you to seem genuinely committed.

If you take all of these sub-questions into account when preparing to answer the "Why Barclays" question in your interview, you will be ready to give a great answer to this important question.

How to answer: "Why Barclays?" in an interview

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