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Is it hard to get a job at Berkshire Hathaway?

By Zippia Team - Jul. 28, 2022

No, it is not hard to get a job at Berkshire Hathaway. The company has a wide array of positions in different industries and many entry-level roles.

The hiring process at Berkshire Hathaway is relatively quick and typically only involves anywhere from one to three interviews. While most positions do require relevant education or previous experience, the company is very open to training less experienced candidates.

The salaries at Berkshire Hathaway are low for entry-level roles. For instance, an administrative assistant at the company makes an average of $500 per week, which is 16% below the national average.

Real estate assistants make an average of $18.94 per hour. Real estate agents make an average salary of $55,184 per year, which is 39% below the national average.

One position that has a high average wage at the company is a data entry clerk at $28.12 per hour. That is well above the national average for similar positions.

Berkshire Hathaway's large workforce, diverse departments, high number of entry-level roles, and lower salaries on average, make it a noncompetitive place to apply.

Is it hard to get a job at Berkshire Hathaway?

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