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Is saying, "Thank you for your time," a good way to end an email?

By Zippia Team - Feb. 14, 2022

Yes, saying, "Thank you for your time," is a good way to end an email. This is especially true if you're emailing a request or list of questions.

The genericness of this phrase makes it a versatile go-to, but it can also make your note of thanks sound a little manufactured and impersonal to someone you've already established a relationship with. To avoid this, work extra details into your email about what you're specifically thankful for.

You don't have to delete your thanks for the person's time to do this, though: You can add a sentence to the beginning of your email detailing why you appreciate what the recipient did for you.

For example, your email could open with a line like, "I appreciate your speaking with me about the [job title] role." From there, you could describe how the information they shared with you was helpful and what about the job you're interested in.

Then, you could close with an invitation to contact you with any more questions and a quick, "Thank you for your time."

This structure for a thank you note allows you to be personable while still brief and professional, and the "Thank you for your time" at the end ties it up with a bow.

Is saying, "Thank you for your time," a good way to end an email?

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