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Mechanic vs. Engineer

By Zippia Team - Jul. 28, 2022

A mechanic takes a more hands-on approach and usually takes things apart and looks for signs of a problem, while an engineer uses computers and technology to perform a diagnosis on a vehicle and extract data to identify issues.

A mechanic checks, repairs, and maintains various types of automotive vehicles. They focus on performing routine maintenance and may specialize in one specific part or type (e.g., brakes, engines, tires). Mechanical work relies more on trial and error and a piece-by-piece approach to diagnosing and repairing issues.

An engineer is generally seen as having more detailed technical knowledge of how things work and they focus primarily on diagnostic services and identifying what is causing larger issues with a vehicle. They use a range of specialized computers and equipment to offer recommendations and plan repairs.

There are many differences between a mechanic and a technician, including how they perform their work and their education.

Here are the key differences between a technician and a mechanic:

  • A mechanic is more of a wrench-in-hand position

  • An engineer uses technology and specialized equipment to run diagnostics

  • A mechanic does not require a degree but usually benefits from at least an apprenticeship program

  • An engineer usually has a minimum of a Bachelor's degree

Mechanic vs. Engineer

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