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Network Administrator vs. Network Engineer

By Zippia Team - Jul. 28, 2022

A network administrator is a tech professional who focuses on maintaining a network, while a network engineer is a tech professional who focuses on the design and development of a network.

A network administrator is responsible for maintaining a network once it has been developed. They oversee and manage the maintenance and monitoring of computer networks. Some of their duties include operating network management systems, scheduling network repairs, and implementing programs to provide network security. Network administrators primarily focus on daily network operations.

A network engineer has a broader scope of responsibilities. They are tasked with determining network needs within a company. Then they design, develop, implement and support the network. Network engineers also test network systems for functionality.

Here are the key differences between a network administrator and a network engineer:

  • Network administrators focus on maintaining an already developed network

  • Network engineers focus on the designing and development of a network

  • Network administrators monitor a network and assess if maintenance is required

  • Network engineers test a network system for functionality

  • Network engineers implement a network after they have designed and developed it

  • Network engineers have higher salaries than network administrators

Network Administrator vs. Network Engineer

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