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Nurse vs. Doctor

By Zippia Team - Jul. 28, 2022

A nurse is a medical professional that has a wide array of duties in patient care, while a doctor is a more senior medical professional who is informed by patient information gathered by nurses.

A nurse has a broad scope of responsibilities and can work in many different environments. Mostly they tend to the care of patients in hospitals, other medical settings, and their homes. There are many different kinds and levels of nurses. They may specialize in a certain area of care, such as labor and delivery, or a certain patient population, such as children, women, or geriatrics.

Doctors may specialize in one area of medicine or have a more general title, like a physician. A doctor observes patients' symptoms and forms a diagnosis. They also develop treatment plans for ill patients. Doctors work in hospitals, individual offices, urgent care clinics, and other medical environments.

Here are the key differences between a nurse and a doctor:

  • Nurses may specialize but their duties are typically more general medical care

  • Doctors may be specialized in a wide array of medical areas

  • Nurses tend to have far more interaction with patients than doctors

  • Doctors develop treatment plans and oversee their implementation

  • Nurses can perform non-medical tasks, such as helping patients out of bed, etc

  • Doctors almost exclusively perform medical tests

  • Nurses can begin to work as a professional nurses after just two years of education

  • It takes a doctor many years of education and training to start working professionally

  • Doctors have considerably higher salaries than most nurses

Nurse vs. Doctor

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