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Project Engineer vs. Project Manager

By Zippia Team - Jul. 8, 2022

A project engineer is a professional role that executes the engineering tasks of a project, while a project manager is someone who supervises a project.

A project engineer works on-site and must make sure their team meets specific specifications when working on a project. They handle blueprints, estimations, materials, and sometimes employees on a project. Project engineers give orders to teams and oversee their work and progress. They also solve on-site issues and record the progression of the work being done.

A project manager is someone who works on and off-site directing the entire project in terms of conception, hiring, and scheduling. Project managers often communicate directly with clients and are there to give the final presentation of their project.

  • A project engineer may work under a project manager but a project manager never works under a project engineer

  • A project engineer works more on-site than a project manager

  • Project managers generally have higher salaries than project engineers

  • Project engineers oversee a team of workers on a project site

  • Project managers oversee the entire project with on and off-site duties

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Project Engineer vs. Project Manager

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