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Scientist vs. Engineer

By Zippia Team - Jul. 28, 2022

A scientist is a professional who specializes in one or several areas of science and observes the world, while an engineer is someone who creates things using math and other strategies.

Scientists undergo specific education and training in a specific scientific area. They conduct research in the hopes of advancing knowledge of particular parts of the world. Scientists may make hypotheses, test them with different means such as statistics and data, and formulate conclusions based on the evidence.

Engineers are creators. They aim to innovate and develop existing and new products, services, and technologies. They may be involved with designing or building certain machines, structures, or information systems. Engineers use math and science to assist them in their work.

Here are the key differences between a scientist and an engineer:

  • Scientists observe the world using the scientific method

  • Engineers focus on creating

  • Engineering is more specific than science

  • Science is a much more broad subject encompassing many subcategories

  • Engineering deals with a variety of issues and topics, but it is narrowed down to the study of how things work

  • Scientists pose questions, conduct experiments, record results, and theorize

  • Engineers use scientists findings often in their creations

Scientist vs. Engineer

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