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What are the highest paying jobs in Albany, NY?

By Zippia Team - May. 25, 2022

Curious about who enjoys the biggest paychecks in Albany? You're in the right place -- Zippia compiled data on the highest paying jobs in Albany so you know exactly how much your dentist makes or how the lawyer down the street is able to afford the biggest house on the block.

The data scientists at Zippia looked at our data and found that that highest paying job in Albany, NY is a psychiatrist with a median salary of $234,874. Psychiatrists pay starts from $144,000 in Albany.

The top ten highest paying jobs in Albany, NY are:

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Internal Medicine Physician
  3. Urologist
  4. General Internist
  5. Internist
  6. Staff Physician
  7. Vice President
  8. Hematologist
  9. Public Health Physician
  10. Resident Physician In Radiology

How we determined the highest paid jobs in Albany

Using our database of several million salary records from various sources including the BLS, Census, and H1B visas, we were able to identify the highest paid professions in Albany.

We started from a set of over 10,000 job titles and narrowed it down to job titles for which we had enough observations in Albany, NY to make an accurate salary estimate. We then sorted the resulting set from highest average pay to lowest average pay to identify the highest paying jobs in Albany.

Detailed List Of The Highest Paying Jobs In Albany, NY

RankJob TitleAverage SalaryEntry Level Salary
2Internal Medicine Physician$227,251$129,000
4General Internist$212,198$122,000
6Staff Physician$193,566$113,000
7Vice President$188,585$104,000
9Public Health Physician$176,307$84,000
10Resident Physician In Radiology$174,597$84,000
What are the highest paying jobs in Albany, NY?

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