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What are the most in demand jobs in Los Angeles, CA?

By Zippia Team - May. 25, 2022

While the ebbs and flows of the economy will make some jobs more fashionable than others, there will always be a large number of jobs available in essential businesses like healthcare, public safety, law enforcement, education, and food and agriculture. So we asked our data scientists at Zippia to identify what the most in demand jobs in Los Angeles, CA actually are based on current job postings. Lately it seems that companies in Los Angeles have a particular interest in registered nurses.

The top ten most in demand jobs in Los Angeles, CA are:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Security Officer
  3. Sales Associate
  4. Account Executive
  5. Project Manager
  6. Certified Nursing Assistant
  7. Administrative Assistant
  8. Senior Software Engineer
  9. General Manager
  10. Software Engineer

What's the most in demand job on the market in Los Angeles? Turns out the most in demand job in Los Angeles is registered nurse with 7,669 current open positions. It's not a software engineer or data scientist to our surprise.

How we determined the most in demand jobs in Los Angeles

Using the Zippia database of several million active job postings, we were able to identify the job titles with the most postings in Los Angeles.

We ordered them from the most to least with the job title having the largest number of active job postings being the most in demand jobs.

It's important to note that the data team did normalize the job titles. So, for example, "Accountant I" and "Accountant" would be normalized to "Accountant". Or "High School Teacher" and "High School English Teacher" would match to "High School Teacher".

Detailed List Of The Most In Demand Jobs In Los Angeles, CA

RankJob TitleOpen JobsAverage Salary
1Registered Nurse7,669$94,842
2Security Officer2,972$32,764
3Sales Associate2,588$37,387
4Account Executive2,498$59,989
5Project Manager2,005$98,675
6Certified Nursing Assistant1,971$30,997
7Administrative Assistant1,960$41,576
8Senior Software Engineer1,902$125,385
9General Manager1,792$107,541
10Software Engineer1,580$103,797
12Customer Service Representative1,489$32,300
13Senior Associate1,465$80,828
14Licensed Practical Nurse1,460$47,454
15Shift Supervisor1,357$44,642
17Assistant Manager1,261$50,144
21Account Manager1,195$64,433
23Senior Manager1,153$124,631
24Senior Engineer1,151$115,164
26Senior Consultant1,089$94,140
28Research Associate1,063$55,789
29Business Analyst1,053$77,004
30Senior Project Manager1,026$125,702
32Case Manager983$51,553
34Medical Assistant972$34,358
35Tax Manager963$91,895
36Delivery Driver941$40,765
37Sales Representative931$51,584
38Pharmacist Technician922$44,095
40Program Manager905$95,328
41Service Representative873$36,311
42Maintenance Technician867$43,365
43Store Manager852$49,414
44Registered Nurse In The ICU849$99,341
45Physical Therapist830$95,717
46Executive Assistant824$55,798
50Line Cook768$31,794
51Postdoctoral Research Associate766$61,549
52Nurse Practitioner759$109,403
54Clinical Laboratory Scientist736$68,345
56Solutions Architect723$109,927
57Registered Nurse Med/Surg722$89,902
58Construction Manager710$98,797
59Clinic Registered Nurse703$95,145
60Operations Manager703$88,368
61Finance Analyst697$74,415
62Vice President696$178,651
63Data Engineer693$111,613
64Senior Accountant671$77,034
66Business Development Manager658$109,442
67Data Analyst656$66,519
68Speech Language Pathologist654$74,196
69Sales Specialist644$61,640
70Crew Member641$27,988
71Staff Nurse634$85,425
72Staff Associate Of Research627$61,649
73Surgical Technician614$64,247
74Field Service Technician609$72,522
76Restaurant Manager579$49,861
77Sales Consultant572$80,384
78Store Associate560$29,655
80Staff Accountant552$54,929
84Sales Manager534$76,085
85Systems Engineer526$83,957
86Shift Manager525$34,696
88Director Of Sales502$109,331
89Senior Finance Analyst501$98,000
90Devops Engineer494$111,030
91Associate Director493$122,369
92Human Resources Manager492$88,674
93Assistant Store Manager476$37,919
95Team Leader473$73,049
96Massage Therapist466$49,700
97Shift Leader461$34,363
99Regional Sales Manager458$74,219
100Support Team Member454$31,703
What are the most in demand jobs in Los Angeles, CA?

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