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What degree do you need to be a business analyst?

By Justin Parker - Feb. 20, 2023

You need a bachelor's or master's degree in finance to be a business analyst. A bachelor's degree is often the minimum requirement for this role; however, some employers prefer candidates that have a master's degree. In addition to finance, here are some other appropriate majors for business analysts:

  • Business

  • Economics

  • Statististics

  • Computer science

A business analyst is a professional who dissects the workflow of a company to identify strategies to improve productivity and correct any potential issues hindering their company's business process. Broadly, their role is to investigate how a business operates and suggest changes when necessary.

Skills can often be more important than specific degree types for the business analyst position. Required skills for this role include

  • Analytical

  • Communication

  • Interpersonal

  • Problem-solving abilities

Business analysts often have to be sensitive in the way they communicate with team members due to the fact that they are scrutinizing the way an employee performs their job and their overall productivity.

The right education and/or professional skills development can assist in these tasks, as well as other responsibilities like

  • Conducting audits

  • Meeting with managers and other high-level officials

  • Accessing employee practices

  • Making sure all employees comply with company regulations

Business analysts also prepare reports based on their findings and present these to executives. Business operations analysts monitor other employees of a company to determine if their processes and performance are contributing properly to a company's objectives and overall profitability.

What degree do you need to be a business analyst?

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