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What degree do you need to be a program manager?

By Zippia Team - Oct. 25, 2022

To become a program manager, you need a bachelor's degree. A master's degree in a field such as finance, business administration, or technology is desirable and sometimes required if you wish to work for a firm with more than 50 employees.

A bachelor's degree in a subject that relates to educational management, human resources, or a comparable discipline is necessary.

You must have excellent communication skills and the capacity to multitask for you to be successful in this job.

To be clear, the difference between a project manager and a program manager are:

  • A project manager is in charge of a specific project within a larger program, whereas a project manager is in charge of an individual project. They may report to the program manager and assist them in assessing whether different projects focus on the same objectives.

  • A program manager's responsibilities include aligning numerous projects and developing a long-term organizational strategy for programs. Having previous experience as a project manager is often required to succeed as a program manager.

The role of a program manager is to design, manage, and coordinate management or external programs for a firm or institution.

Responsibilities as a program manager would vary depending on the type and size of a company or institution.

Many of those duties are similar or overlap, for instance:

  • Most program managers are probably in charge of several analysts who assist in getting ready data and assessments regarding current programming and how it could be better.

  • If there's a new program being put into place for employees or customers, usually the program manager would help with that too.

  • It's nearly always the program manager who would see to it that HR or outreach coordinators promote projects, benefits, or jobs properly.

What degree do you need to be a program manager?

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