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What is a capable project manager?

By Zippia Team - Oct. 12, 2021

A capable project manager is one who can effectively oversee many responsibilities. Because projects involve many different skill sets, project managers must be good at everything, from communication to budgets.

One important responsibility involves capable communication. Project managers must communicate effectively to best understand the needs of their clients and the team members that they oversee.

Every aspect of the project must be considered by a project manager. The client often determines the budget, and the project manager is tasked with completing the desired work within a specific timeframe.

From the number of employees in the group to the hours delegated to complete individual tasks, managers are expected to put the proper people in roles that best suit their strengths.

A capable project manager will oversee the team's production and ultimately decide if the work is acceptable or if revisions are necessary.

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What is a capable project manager?

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