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What is Nike hierarchy?

By Zippia Team - Sep. 29, 2022

Nike has a hierarchy that is a matrix organizational structure incorporating geographic divisions. The matrix organizational structure of Nike also exists at regional and sub-regional levels.

At Nike management, it is divided and assigned according to particular products or business units. Some examples of these business units include footwear, clothing, and athletic equipment.

Managerial duties are also segmented by the function of departments, such as sales, operations, marketing, and human resources. Here is a breakdown of the hierarchy at Nike, from top managers to low-level managers:

  • General Manager

  • Functional Manager 1, Functional Manager 2, Functional Manager 3

  • Sales Manager 1, Marketing Manager 1, Engineer Manager 1

  • Sales Manager 2, Marketing Manager 2, Engineering Manager 2

Managers existing on the same line hold the same rank status in Nike's hierarchy.

What is Nike hierarchy?

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