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What is the career path for a systems analyst?

By Zippia Expert - Nov. 17, 2021

The career path for a systems analyst varies depending on personal experience, knowledge, and aptitude, but may start as a systems support analyst and progress up to a chief technology officer.

With experience, systems analysts can advance to project manager and lead a team of analysts. Some can eventually become IT directors or chief technology officers.

Systems analysts start their careers by earning a bachelor's degree program in information technology with elective business courses. In order to maximize the efficiency of a college degree program and get hired more quickly, a person should apply for internships or apprenticeships.

While working as an intern or apprentice for a company, you will work on actual cases and clients to give you a real-world perspective. In addition to advancing tech skills, these programs also develop necessary soft skills such as communication and collaboration.

Then a person is poised to get their first role as a systems analyst. This typically starts with a systems support analyst who assists systems analysts with more basic work. As a person succeeds within this role, they will be promoted to a full systems analyst.

From here, depending on aptitude, leadership ability, and experience, they may be promoted to manager positions or even move into director and executive-level positions.

What is the career path for a systems analyst?

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