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What is the career path for coding?

By Zippia Team - Feb. 1, 2023

The career path for coding involves jobs as a computer programmer, software engineer, and software developer. The career path for coding involves specific education, training, and professional experience. This career path has many specializations that can result in offshoots of coding in a number of technical roles.

Here is a closer look at the career path for coding:

  • Education

Most coders have at least a bachelor's degree, and some choose to also get more advanced degrees to increase their job outlook and open them up to higher-paying salaries. Appropriate majors for coders include:

  • Computer science

  • Mathematics

  • Information systems

  • Software engineering

  • Software development

Coding boot camps are another educational option and these are far cheaper than traditional degrees. Coding boot camps offer many opportunities in terms of education, gaining experience, and even completing projects that you can then add to your work portfolio.

Strong technical coding skills, and a knowledge of the major programming language used at the particular company.

If you don't want to go the traditional university or college route, there are online courses in the style of intensive boot camps that can give you the necessary training and hands-on experience you need to get a job as a coder.

The technical skills that are needed to get a job as a coder are:

  • Ability to plan software

  • Ability to design and create applications

  • Ability to write programs

Coders also benefit from these non-technical skills:

To get a job as a coder it is crucial that you learn at least one programming language, or even better, as many as you can. Some of the most-used programming languages are:

  • Python - allows for great flexibility in different industries

  • Swift - most beneficial for mobile development

  • Java - this one is best for people new to coding

  • JavaScript - most beneficial for web development

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What is the career path for coding?

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