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What is the dress code at Chesapeake Energy?

By Zippia Team - Sep. 11, 2022

The dress code at Chesapeake Energy is business casual. At Chesapeake, they are committed to operating our business professionally and responsibly, which includes dressing appropriately and professionally at all times.

While Chesapeake encourages a business casual environment, use good judgment and adjust your attire when appropriate, dressing more formally for high-profile meetings or events.

When you enter a Chesapeake Energy office or another organization's office on behalf of Chesapeake, no matter what department you're in, you represent yourself and Chesapeake. At Chesapeake Energy, how you dress not only conveys who you are, it reflects your commitment to putting Chesapeake Energy first. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, Chesapeake Energy provides an outline of what they consider to be business casual.

Definition of Business Casual according to Chesapeake Energy: Conservative attire that is less formal with a classic, clean-cut look which generally includes, but is not limited to:

  • Slacks or khakis

  • Dress shirt or blouse

  • Open-collar or polo shirt

  • Tie or sport coat

  • Dress or skirt at or below knee length

  • Knit shirt or sweater

  • Loafers or dress shoes covering all or most of the foot

Business casual does not include:

  • Bare-shoulder or low-cut blouse

  • T-shirts and graphic T-shirts

  • Sundresses

  • Cargo pants or shorts

  • Short skirts

  • Leggings or spandex pants

  • Denim

  • Frayed clothing

  • Overly tight-fitting clothing

  • Tennis shoes or casual sandals/flip-flops

What is the dress code at Chesapeake Energy?

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