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What is the dress code at Intuitive Surgical?

By Zippia Team - Sep. 14, 2022

The dress code for Intuitive Surgical positions ranges from business professional to business casual for office positions and casual for operations positions.

Business professional dress options for women include:

  • Black skirts or pantsuits. Other neutral colors like dark gray, navy, or brown also okay as long as the top and bottom are matching

  • Skirts should be slightly below the knee

  • Pressed, collared button-down shirts

  • Nude or dark-colored pantyhose

  • Closed-toed heels or dress shoes with no more than 2.5-inch heels

  • Minimal/conservative makeup

Business professional dress options for men include:

  • Full suit with matching jacket and pants with a solid black belt

  • Pressed, collared shirt with a plain (solid, stripe, or simple pattern) tie

  • Dark leather dress shoes with dress socks

  • The bottom of the tie should just barely cover the belt buckle

Business casual can be confusing as there isn't really a clear standard definition. When in doubt, it is better to err on the side of caution.

Business casual dress options for women include:

  • Khaki, corduroy, twill, or cotton pants and conservative (knee-length) skirts

  • Sweaters or twinsets

  • Cardigans

  • Polo or knit shirts

  • Professional dresses (sheath silhouettes)

It is best to stick to solid colors and patterns that are not too busy or bold.

Business casual dress options for men include:

  • Dress pants, slacks, or khaki pants that are neatly pressed

  • Cotton long-sleeve, button-down shirts that are neatly pressed

  • Sweaters

  • Leather shoes in black or brown

  • Leather belt

  • Ties (stick with solid colors and subdued patterns)

In some cases (e.g., casual Friday), a more relaxed and casual dress code may be allowed, including jeans; however, even on a casual day, the following should always be avoided:

  • Dirty or wrinkled clothing

  • Distressed jeans (frayed, tears, or holes)

  • Tight or revealing clothing

  • Tee shirts (especially with graphics or language)

  • Anything see through

  • Yoga pants or leggings

  • Crop or strapless tops

  • Shorts

  • Sweatpants or sweatshirts

  • Sports paraphernalia (including jerseys)

  • Any clothing with undergarments that are visible

  • Flip-flops or tennis shoes

For manufacturing and operations positions, the dress code includes:

  • Lab coats

  • Long pants or skirts that fully cover the legs

  • Safety glasses

  • Safety gloves

  • Full scrubs and PPE

  • Hair tied back and secured

  • No loose clothing or jewelry

  • Closed-toed, non-slip shoes

What is the dress code at Intuitive Surgical?

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