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What is the hiring process at Centene?

By Zippia Team - Jul. 8, 2022

The hiring process at Centene is multifaceted and includes an online application, phone screening, assessment test, and interview(s). The entire hiring process takes anywhere from three to six weeks.

Centene's Application Process:

Check out the Centene career website for more information on job postings and job descriptions. To apply for a position online at Centene, you must first create an account with a username and password.

One advantage of having an account is that it allows you the ability to check the status of your application at any point during the hiring process. Each account profile requires an uploaded resume before you can start the application process.

Application questions:

  • Salary and Availability Information

  • Minimum Desired Pay (required)

  • How many years of experience with health care, managed care, Medicare, or Medicaid do you possess?

  • In the last year, have you or anyone you've lived with received SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also referred to as food stamps)?

  • In the last two years, have you or anyone you've lived with received TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, also referred to as welfare)?

  • Are you unemployed?

  • Have you collected unemployment benefits at any time during your unemployment period?

  • In the last two weeks, have you applied for or received unemployment benefits?

  • Are you or your spouse an enrolled member of a Native American tribe?

Once completed, allow up to two weeks for the HR team at Centene to review your application and get back to you.

Phone Screening

If interested, anticipate an HR recruiter reaching out via the phone for a brief phone screening. This call is a chance for you to learn more about the position and company to determine whether you think you would be a good fit.


Depending on the position, during the phone screening, the HR recruiter provides you with information on how to take your assessment tests. If you're asked to take an assessment test, then you must do so before your scheduled interview date. Failure to pass the test results that the candidate is no longer being considered for the job.

Therefore it is very important that you prepare yourself prior to taking the tests. There are websites that can help you refresh your mathematical skills. Doing word puzzles can help you practice your reading comprehension.

Take time to research the company and the position. This can give you some insight into the type of employee they are looking for and can help you tailor your answers. Take the tests in a quiet place where you can concentrate.

Interview Sessions

Centene may have you complete more than one interview. You may have an initial screening interview which is conducted over the phone or in an online format. This first interview usually takes around 15 minutes and focuses on your work history.

Common Centene interview questions include:

  • Centene Corporation, sometimes we have to make difficult decisions on whether or not a medical service is covered. In the past, how have you been able to put aside your personal feelings for the good of the business?

  • To work at Centene Corporation, you have to be really passionate about compliance and accuracy. Tell me why this is important to you.

  • Tell me about your healthcare-related education and training.

  • The health insurance industry is very complex. All of our positions require strong organizational skills and attention to detail. How do you ensure that your work is properly organized and highly accurate?

  • Centene seeks to hire those with great problem-solving skills. When were you able to successfully resolve a problem in the workplace?

What is the hiring process at Centene?

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