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What should be included in a counseling resume?

By Zippia Team - Mar. 3, 2022

A counseling resume should include all relevant skills and experience both in your education as well as in job experience. Additionally, it will be important to note the courses you completed in university, your internship experience, as well as your state licensing.

Most people will start drafting their resume by writing down their educational and work experience; this will help you get a basic understanding of your experience and how to focus your resume in order to get a job as a counselor.

Once you have the basics down, it will be time to flesh out your descriptions to showcase your background in the most appealing way possible. Begin sentences in these sections using action verbs.

For example, "held group therapy and counseling sessions for clients managing similar situations" or "secured resources like housing, food and employment support for welfare clients."

Resumes for counseling typically focus more on educational achievements and licensing; therefore, it will be important to highlight your educational background as well as how long you have been licensed and the experience you have gained.

Additionally, if you have significant professional experience working in counseling and other similar occupations, provide a detailed explanation of your knowledge and the skills that you developed.

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What should be included in a counseling resume?

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