Updated December 31, 2020

How Much Does Antioch Church Pay?
The national average salary for an employee at Antioch Church is $35,574 per year, or $17.0 an hour. The lowest earners at Antioch Church make under $17,000 a year, while the top 10 percent earn over $73,000. Show More

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Antioch Church Salaries By Department

Salaries at Antioch Church differ depending on the department or organizational function. Based on our analysis, the employees in corporate management earn salaries at Antioch Church that are well above average, with yearly earnings averaging $94,629. The it organizational function also pays relatively high compared to other departments, where employees earn $58,456. The lowest paying organizational functions at Antioch Church are hospitality/service and retail, where employees earn $25,648 and $27,041, respectively.
Average Salary

Corporate Management

Salary Range69k - 129k$95k$94,629


Salary Range42k - 80k$58k$58,456


Salary Range37k - 74k$53k$52,583


Salary Range35k - 64k$47k$47,459


Salary Range28k - 63k$43k$42,798

Human Resources

Salary Range30k - 49k$39k$39,321


Salary Range26k - 55k$38k$38,310


Salary Range28k - 49k$38k$38,040

Research & Development

Salary Range28k - 48k$37k$37,053


Salary Range26k - 51k$37k$36,711

Antioch Church Salaries By Job Title

The average employee at Antioch Church earns a yearly salary of $35,574 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. Some of the job titles with high salaries at Antioch Church are adjunct professor, adjunct faculty, director, and group leader. A typical adjunct professor salary at Antioch Church is $102,296 per year. Other roles at Antioch Church include cashier and camp counselor. A cashier at Antioch Church earns an average yearly salary of $21,322.
Job Title
Job Title
Average Salary

Adjunct Professor Jobs

Salary Range64k - 161k$102k$102,296

Adjunct Faculty Jobs

Salary Range85k - 107k$96k$96,045

Director Jobs

Salary Range69k - 122k$92k$91,935

Group Leader Jobs

Salary Range72k - 106k$88k$87,618

Administrator Jobs

Salary Range49k - 72k$60k$60,112

Guest Lecturer Jobs

Salary Range50k - 60k$55k$55,228

Consultant Jobs

Salary Range37k - 68k$51k$50,582

Student Radiation Therapist Jobs

Salary Range46k - 53k$50k$49,745

Project Coordinator Jobs

Salary Range42k - 55k$48k$48,382

Marriage And Family Therapist Jobs

Salary Range43k - 48k$46k$45,991

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Antioch Church Education Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Adjunct Instructor
Salary Range62k - 111k$84k$83,563
Student Services Director
Salary Range66k - 80k$73k$73,112
Adjunct Associate Professor
Salary Range59k - 82k$70k$69,883
School Administrator
Salary Range56k - 66k$61k$61,297
Director Of Admissions
Salary Range58k - 63k$61k$60,737

Guest Lecturer

Salary Range50k - 60k$55k$55,228
Salary Range48k - 61k$54k$54,435
Teaching Assistant
Salary Range40k - 56k$48k$48,093
Adult Services Librarian
Salary Range41k - 53k$47k$46,798
Student Advisor
Salary Range42k - 47k$45k$44,996

Antioch Church Administrative Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Staff Associate
Salary Range52k - 55k$54k$54,058
Salary Range39k - 51k$45k$45,376
Office Manager
Salary Range34k - 47k$41k$40,782
Student Worker
Salary Range25k - 28k$27k$26,887
Front Desk Coordinator
Salary Range23k - 29k$27k$26,596
Administrative Assistant
Salary Range22k - 31k$26k$26,492

Practicum Student

Salary Range23k - 28k$26k$25,827
Salary Range23k - 27k$25k$25,172
Office Assistant
Salary Range21k - 25k$24k$23,557

Circulation Clerk

Salary Range19k - 22k$21k$20,754

Antioch Church Healthcare Salaries

Job Title
Average Salary
Clinical Fellow
Salary Range56k - 66k$61k$61,096
Registered Nurse
Salary Range43k - 73k$56k$56,369
Critical Care Nurse
Salary Range48k - 62k$55k$54,931

Student Radiation Therapist

Salary Range46k - 53k$50k$49,745
Salary Range41k - 51k$46k$46,051
Marriage And Family Therapist
Salary Range43k - 48k$46k$45,991
Food Manager
Salary Range38k - 48k$43k$43,186
Salary Range38k - 44k$41k$41,355

Optometric Assistant

Salary Range35k - 44k$40k$39,885
Counselor Internship
Salary Range33k - 43k$38k$38,464

Antioch Church Salaries By Location

Cost of living can vary dramatically depending on the part of the country you're in. Looking at our data, we can see that employees at Antioch Church earn more in some areas than others.
Average Salary

Union City, NJ Jobs

Salary Range27k - 66k$42k$42,448

Culver City, CA Jobs

Salary Range27k - 63k$41k$41,486

Seattle, WA Jobs

Salary Range27k - 57k$40k$39,590

Richmond, VA Jobs

Salary Range23k - 54k$36k$35,583

Saint Cloud, MN Jobs

Salary Range24k - 51k$35k$35,485

Yellow Springs, OH Jobs

Salary Range22k - 51k$34k$33,909

Goldsboro, NC Jobs

Salary Range22k - 49k$33k$33,253

Dallas, TX Jobs

Salary Range21k - 47k$32k$32,304

Antioch Church Competitor Salaries

Based on our research, similar companies to Antioch Church are Archdiocese Of San Francisco, Peace of Christ Roman Catholic Parish, and North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Employees at Archdiocese Of San Francisco earn more than most of the competition, with an average yearly salary of $45,871. The salaries at Peace of Christ Roman Catholic Parish average $42,217 per year, and the salaries at North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church come in at $39,066 per year.
Average Salary
Archdiocese Of San Francisco
Salary Range30k - 68k$46k$45,871

Peace of Christ Roman Catholic Parish

Salary Range34k - 51k$42k$42,217
Cleveland Institute Of Music
Salary Range26k - 56k$39k$38,792

Great Plains Technology Center

Salary Range27k - 51k$38k$37,856

Outward Bound

Salary Range26k - 47k$36k$35,692

Center For Multi Cultural Humn

Salary Range26k - 47k$36k$35,540

Our Lady of the Lake Church

Salary Range25k - 47k$35k$34,847
California Academy of Sciences
Salary Range24k - 41k$32k$31,948
MAAC Project
Salary Range23k - 42k$32k$31,506

Antioch Church Jobs