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Working At Apple

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Apple Jobs


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Apple Overview


Household Durables

Organization Type





Cupertino, CA



Founded in




Key People

Ronald Wayne (founders),
Tim Cook (CEO),
Eddy Cue (SVP, Internet Software, Services),
Luca Maestri (CFO),
Steve Jobs (founders),
Craig Federighi (SVP, Software Engineering),
Steve Wozniak (founders),
Arthur Levinson (Chairman),
Katherine Adams (SVP, General counsel),
Jeff Williams (COO),
John Giannandrea (SVP, Machine Learning, Ai Strategy)

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About Apple

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. It is considered one of the Big Four of technology along with Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. It is considered one of the Big Four of technology along with Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

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What Is

Apple's Mission Statement

To produce high-quality, low cost, easy to use products that incorporate high technology for the individual. We are proving that high technology does not have to be intimidating for noncomputer experts.

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What makes Apple a great place to work?


What is the culture like at Apple?

'murican kull-churr, duh

What benefits does Apple provide to employees?

offers they cannot refuse

What is the interviewing process like?

like an interviewing process

What does Apple do to give back to society and the community?

again, nothing

What do employees like about the CEO of Apple?

he's the reis!

What is it like to work at Apple


October 27, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

the majority of the people you work with are awesome people. you learn valuable skills and attributes to help you in the rest of your life... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

management is a joke and does nothing to help their employees and retail hours get old after a while unless you dont mind that. The pay isnt that great at the end of the day it is retail. They try to cove it with benefits which i can't lie are pretty great but they dont pay the bills... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

employee stock purchase plan.. Show More


October 25, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Challenging, fast-paced, community, diversity, always learning... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The personal emotional expectations of consumers, customers and bureaucracy of a large company... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Most managers respecting you as a person and your work/life balance being detrimental to the quality of you as an employee and important to your group and individual personality... Show More


October 18, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The people, the products, the benefits... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

It gets crazy during the holidays, blackout periods make it difficult to be with family... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Employee discounts... Show More


August 16, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

It felt like a truly collaborative effort between all teams at the retail location. My location didn't harp on overall numbers but just gave us focus areas and remained very change-adaptive... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I don't really have anything negative to say. It can be kind of stressful dealing with the volume of people but that's retail and the store stays staffed well enough to handle it... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The Employee Purchase Plan+, which gives you a substantial discount on a major device once every three years on top of the regular employee discount. Friends and Family discounts are also super nice because you don't have to sneak around to let someone use your discount... Show More


July 31, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Working is flexible and you can come and go any time.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Less learning opportunities.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Gym membership.. Show More


July 24, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

My favorite thing about working for Apple are their benefits; Apple has Great benefits! The benefits are simply unmatched... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

If I had to choose an area of improvement, it would be compensation. As an Apple advisor we are tasked to provide world class customer service through technical support all while maintaining high customer satisfaction and issue resolution scores. I do not feel that the compensation levels reflect the quality of work... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

My favorite thing about working for Apple are their benefits; Apple has Great benefits! The benefits are simply unmatched... Show More


July 11, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Technical challenges, interacting with highly talented people... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

No work life balance, poor leadership... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Great pay and health insurance... Show More


May 9, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Flexible hours good pay.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Nothing.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Discounts.. Show More


April 30, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The atmosphere.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

We have no time to improve ourself... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Having the opportunity to travel.. Show More


April 20, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great Company with vet amazing people and Benefits.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Location, not a fan if bay area.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Team environment.. Show More


April 3, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The Company truly cares about creating the most innovative and sleek product for the consumer. The customer experience is everything. Employees have a great work ethic and care about what's core to Apple... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

No free food... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Discounted products... Show More


March 21, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

True to core values.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Limited growth opportunity within Retail environment.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Pay/benefits.. Show More


March 8, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I like Enginnering related positions.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I dont see myself in marketing postions.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Healthcare sign in bonus.. Show More


March 7, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Lots of people who take their job seriously and really care... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Occasional long hours.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Employee Discount.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

To be specific I work in an Apple Retail Store. That's why I am giving my review a 3- star rating, because I don't have experience working for corporate. I like that you are paid well for the work that you do, and that the benefits are very nice. Definitely better than any other retail job I have had so far. The people that work there are nice they are real reason I stay... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I don't like the culture, or what has become of the companies culture. When I first started working their 4 years ago, the culture felt less gimmicky and more genuine to both employees and customers. I don't like the people who are hired to be managers. The company needs to change how it hires managers because the quality of management has dropped quickly. It feels as if they think of themselves as being better and they don't try to improve the work place only for their own self gain. The company culture as whole can be very arrogant in general which can be very frustrating for employees and customers alike. The inner company bureaucracy can also make it difficult to gain access to your benefits... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

My favorite benefit has been the student reimbursement. I can get up to $5,250 a year for school. It has been very helpful for paying off my student loans... Show More


July 31, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I was able to work from home as an AppleCare Customer Service Tech. They provided 4 weeks of paid training but at a lower rate. We were provided a once a year allowance on apple products plus a discount for anytime use... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I was promised many different amounts of bonus money and none was ever delivered. We were pumped up by superviosrs to do better and who ever got the highest numbers would win a tv, ipod, money, itunes cards, etc. Funny thing is nobody on our teams ever knew of anyone who had won these... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Discount on apple products and yearly allowance of $500 on any apple product... Show More


July 18, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The benefits are incredible - better than any benefits I've had for any company in my career. There's a host of other incentives, such as great family leave time, 401k and stock programs... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I worked Apple retail, so it's hectic and the hours are tough. The pay is the worst part of working here - despite the excellent benefits, you just can't afford to work there for too long... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The incredible full-time health benefits. Covered more than any other company I've ever worked for... Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

The only part of working for Apple I enjoy, is that I work from home. They offer a lot of overtime too. So when I need extra income it's always available for me to work... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

They have the worst communication system I have ever seen! The pay is not good compared to the responsibilities you're expected to handle. The managers are unprofessional and if you complain you're retaliated against... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

I have given $500 free annually toward any new apple product I want... Show More
August 21, 2017 on Reddit

Explaining to them that you love both sides tech and customers is not going to cut it for the interview. You need to explain to them how you enjoy helping people and making a difference in someones life even if its as simple as asking someone how theyre doing. How can technology change someones life? What are you going to bring to their team that they dont already have? Source: I worked Apple retail

Thank you for the advice. I will think about this certainly for next time! I never thought about it like that as well. I know it needs to be a little more than I love Apple products but I will certainly dig deeper and give more than just surface answers.

Do they actively train Apple Genius Bar employees to not make eye contact with anyone? It's unnerving.

Hahaha this is mostly a defensive thing I think. As soon as you make eye contact with a customer they seem to think that's an invitation to start attacking/complaining/annoying you. If you are in an appointment with a Genius they should definitely be making eye contact though, that's just rude if they aren't. But for any other time, they are usually in the middle of something so if they make eye contact with another customer they may get stopped by them and held up in whatever they are doing (which is usually helping another customer who will get annoyed if they see them talking to someone else when they are supposed to be being served!)

I just got hired, what are some tips you have to acclimate to the work culture, and is it easy to get fired/tips to retain position and climb ladder.

The thing I hated most about new people was the ones that came in as know it alls, feeling like they knew everything about the products/company/how the store worked. Just sit back listen and you will learn so many new things even if you know a lot already. Also get into the feedback culture, it's so important at Apple and the sooner you master it the better! Never feel bad receiving negative feedback, just listen to it and learn! Also just be open and friendly, the people that work there are some of the most awesome people and you can make a lot of friends and connections working there! In terms of climbing the ladder, make your ambitions known to your manager asap when you start and they will put you on the right path and tell you what you need to do to get where you want to go. Again don't be cocky don't expect promotions straight away but definitely remind and tell your managers what you are working on and what they can help you with, this will get them on your side when it comes to recommend you for a promotion! Get involved in teams and mentoring in the store as well that's a good way to make a name for yourself!

I currently work as an apple certified repair tech outside of the actual Apple stores. Do you know the hiring process as a technician for Apple within a store? I'm interested in moving jobs

Same as any other position. 3 or 4 interviews and then an offer if you're successful. Having experience as a repairer will definitely help. Just apply and be yourself show your personality, they are looking for certain types of people in the stores.

1. Is it easy to move around to different roles? 2. Are there non-customer facing positions in the Apple Store? E.g. Repairmen who work in the back?

1.) Yes and no, depending on the store. Usually there is always people coming and going so new positions open up all the time, but depending on the position there may be a lot of competition for it. 2.) Yes! Backstage there a several members you may not see on the floor, they are the people that bring the device out from the back when you purchase something, but they are also in charge of receiving orders, organising the back and chasing up anything that is missing. Genius's time is split between taking appointments on the bar and working in the Genius Room, there's also a Genius admin in there who is responsible for organising the Genius Room, they are usually the people that will bring your device out when you are picking it up from repair. Then there's the business team, who work with our business customers. Preservation and Operations, who are pretty much the store admin people/person organising all the stuff behind the scenes (staff ordering, store maintenance, liaising with contractors etc.).

Do you keep profiles on the customers by name/credit card and does that reflect what kind of service they get?

No not kept at all. And no we try and treat every customer the same whether they have spent thousands or are buying their first iPhone. Our EasyPays will remember details such as name and email address if you have purchased at a store before but this is just to speed up getting the receipt. Your purchases aren't tracked or linked to your Apple ID in anyway at the store. Only difference is if you have a business account, anything purchased on that business account is stored.
March 15, 2017 on Reddit

When I applied for Genius at the new Apple Store in my town back in aug 2010, they said to me the Geniuses were sent in training at HQ in Cupertino, I never knew if this was real or not because I never got the job (I succesfully passed the phone interview and the technical test, but not the live interview). (I'm from Quebec, Canada) Is it real or not?

Yes this is true for employees in North America I believe. My store was in a different market so our Genius's were not sent there (they were sent somewhere more local for training). However there were recent reports saying they have now stopped doing this now anyway.

Is it true you guys can't say 'sorry'?

Hahaha no not at all, said it all the time it's just habit! They did teach us ways to use language to diffuse situations or change customers perception on things. But obviously we aren't trained to be robots, we can use whatever language we need that is appropriate for the situation (within reason of course).

What is the official social media policy? Are retail employees allowed to talk about Apple products and their work on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.?

Yes we can post about the products, as long as it's no insider information obviously and it's not overly negative. We aren't really allowed to talk about our jobs though as this may give away sensitive information. When I started we were even cautioned from changing our job status on Facebook to working at Apple, that wasn't official policy but a 'suggestion'.

What is the connection like between the retail stores and Apple Corporate? Would someone who started in the stores be at all likely to grow into a corporate role?

Rarely. They are really two seperate beasts. Retail has a very flat hierarchy as well beyond the store manager there is maybe 4 or 5 managers before you hit Tim. So moving up even in retail is hard as there just isn't that much middle management. There are other roles obviously but still hard to get there in my experience. I'm not saying it's impossible but don't go into retail expecting to be able to easily move into Corporate, you will be disappointed. And even if you were you would probably be looking at working for years in retail moving up the chain with no guarantee it will happen in the end. To me it seemed better to go external get your experience and then apply for a role in Corporate and get there that way. Probably a lot faster and nicer then slaving away in retail for years.

Do they require you to purchase the products to use in store? I always notice everyone has an apple watch on. Do they provide you with a phone to use on the floor, or is that your personal phone?

They do have demo products you can use or wear on the floor if you like (iPhones, iPads, watches). However, I would say most of the ones you see would be that employees personal device. The watches are great on the floor I can discreetly message my friends without getting in trouble for having my phone out while working :P
March 14, 2017 on Reddit

Do you have any benefits still even though you don't work there anymore?

We get free 200GB of iCloud storage for our personal iCloud account while we work there. Mine is still there.

How on earth do you get on at the Apple Store? I went through 3 interviews over 2 months last year and got turned away. So intense for a retail job. I'd like to try again but I'm not sure when they hire again.

There is no trick to it unfortunately they look for a specific type of person and if you aren't that then unfortunately you won't get the job. If you really want a job there I would say get experience elsewhere while you wait. During your interviews you won't to show your personality they are usually looking for eagerness (not too much though), empathy, friendliness, and happy types of people. They also look for leadership and team work, so when they throw those group activities at you they are looking at not only what you contribute but how you react and handle the other members of your team, whether you are dominating conversation or allowing others to have input and working with them. But I agree the interview process is ridiculous! But once you get in it's so worth it!

What was training and application process like ?

Lengthy. Everyone's is different my interview process took about 4 months and about 4 interviews and training was about 2.5 weeks full time before I was on the floor. The training doesn't stop as there is always new products, so you regularly get scheduled for training off the floor.

Is there anything to do for employees when the official opening hours are over? If yes, which roles have to do what? How is your work time being tracked? Is it true that you are not allowed to wear the t shirt on the way to work?

Yes before the store opens a Specialist will be scheduled to do a 'Cycle Count' which is basically a mini stocktake or certain lines each day. So they count the items there deice tells them and then shows if the is any variance to what the system believes we should have in stock, this is then passed to the Backstage team to investigate whether something has been stolen or is missing etc. After close we do clean, depending on the store size generally you are scheduled for half an hour or an hour after close, to wipe down devices put things on charge over night, clean up out back etc. There is also Cash Wrap, which is counting the cash tills and balancing the cash. This is usually done by one specialist and the closing manager will be there to sign off on it and lock the store once it's done. Usually you are there for an hour or 2 after close if you are on Cash Wrap. We sometimes also have meetings and training before and after the store opens and closes. Every quarter or 2 we have store meetings which are mandatory meetings every employee in the store is expected to go to, these are all paid which is great and usually pretty boring but it's fun getting everyone together! Yes we clock in and out using an app on our EasyPay devices which tracks our working hours. Yes anytime we aren't on the clock or when we are outside the store we aren't allowed to wear our shirts, understandably for company image issues, they don't want people seeing people in Apple shirts outside smoking, or worse behaving badly or committing crimes. They also say it's for security reasons, some staff members do get recognised and approached/harassed/threatened outside of work so that would only be worse if we were all visible in our Apple shirts.

Are Apple Store employees allowed to buy new releases on launch day (with their discount)? I'm currently at the end of the application process (meeting with regional manager soon) and was wondering this since I'm probably upgrading to the new iPhone.

It depends, with iPhone launches usually no, we usually have to wait about a month or 2 to be able to buy on discount. For other products generally yes we can get them with discount on launch day the only recent one we couldn't was AirPods, I still believe they aren't on discount last I checked. That's awesome! Good luck and make the most of your experience at the store it's an awesome place to work! :)

Did you have much exposure to the tools that the Genius Bar folks had access to that the public did not? If so, care to share some examples?

In terms of management tools we had Concierge (booking and organising appointments) this was great in that it automated the whole queue process, allowed us to check people in for appointments and then queued them automatically based on the time of their appointment and how busy we were, when it was there turn they would pop up as next customer on the Genius' iPad and start the session. Also booking through this allowed us to book more then a week in advance that it shows online, so if your store is always booked out a week in advance if you go in and book directly we can book you for further ahead in time. MobileGenius (device and service history, creating repairs, making notes, checking stock of parts, signing in and out customer devices, pretty much everything to do with with repairs). This one is very complex as you can imagine, a lot of information is stored here and it is very handy once you mastered it. It can give you precise information about each device such as where and when it was purchased if it has been repaired/swapped etc. also would allow us to see notes created by AppleCare for any support calls made about it. A lot of people would come in and lie saying AppleCare told them they could have something but don't know we can see the notes of the call right there. There were tests we could run on Macs using a special network image we booted into, I never did any Mac's because they are for Genius' only but shadowed a few times, basically just tested the hardware for faults. I want to stress though these tests aren't the be all and end all if you believe there is a problem with your computer and the tests come back fine keep pushing for a solution some Genius' may try brush you off, but if there's something wrong they are there to fix it whether the test is good or not. In the Genius Room there is also the calibration machine for screen repairs. Basically a Genius will remove a smashed screen and put the new one on and then put it in this large machine which then calibrates the display and TouchID button for the phone and then once thats done its RFP'd and can be returned to the customer. This is the main difference between getting a phone repaired by Apple, third party repairers don't have access to these calibration machines. They are the main ones from memory. There are also training tools, but they are pretty boring so I won't go into those :) basically just articles and videos.

Is it true apple employees have special access to a tool that can downgrade a device to any previous firmware? Eg. 10.2.1 to 9.0.2.

Not that I'm aware of no. Maybe in the past? but definitely not in the last 2 years I worked there.
March 14, 2017 on Reddit

What are the requirements to work there?

For check boxes; over 18, previous work experience, no criminal record, good references. For managers a college/university degree or previous retail management experience. For personality traits; empathetic (main one), friendly, reliable, outgoing, personable or 'chatty'.

Do they tell you guys to take the items out of the boxes? I've always noticed that they take something out of the box just if a customer is asking about it and not even trying to buy it.

For accessories, yes definitely we are empowered to open any item to demonstrate it to a customer. In general I wouldn't open a $2000 drone as we couldn't demo that in store anyway, but for most products I would open it up. Tbh I think a lot of customers felt awkward we opened it for them and feel compelled to buy it but really we do it all the time, so we don't mind if you do or don't! But keep in mind that stuff all gets scrapped and won't be sold to someone else once opened, so if you don't want to waste things request they don't open it! :)

is it like a requirement to have an iPhone to work there? Also, did you care to get each upgrade? I always see the employees with up-to-date iPhones of their own and I'm always curious.

No it's not a requirement at all, quite a few people had them! Although most people with Android phones ended up switching because they probably felt a bit awkward and because of our employee discount they could get an iPhone a lot cheaper. EDIT: second question oops: Most didn't bother with every upgrade. I did but I do every year anyway even before I was working there, although it was nice getting them cheaper with the discount!
March 14, 2017 on Reddit

Did you ever start advising people not to buy the products that would be updated soon/haven't been updated in ages (Mac Pro etc)?

Yes. We don't get advanced notice about product launches but I would advise people of possible launches (technically we weren't supposed to speculate but I feel bad for people who buy something only for it to be outdated a month later). Best thing about working at the store is that they didn't push sales targets onto us, this means would could be as honest and genuine as possible. They were a lot of times when I advised a customer not to buy something because a new one was about to be/due to be released or if the product they were after wouldn't suit there needs, even have advised customers to buy competitors products from time to time! It's all about the customer experience at the end of the day that's what I believe the stores are there for, first and foremost. Particularly with iPhones it is very predictable now, every September is the release so I would make customers aware of this, and let them decide if they wanted to wait or not. Obviously once the keynote happens then we will tell people upfront about the new one, it's features etc. Also, at least in my store, we generally will relax the returns policy a bit around launches, so if you had bought a product in the last month or 2 and a new one comes out, if you want to exchange it for the new one most managers would allow it, as long as you are nice and not demanding it ;)

I would really like to hear some rude customer stories. It always intrigues me why customers have to be so rude to others.

Working retail is like being on another world sometimes! The one that comes straight to my mind was once when a customer loudly berated a disabled staff member. As the staff member was walking off to get something for the customer they were assisting the customer loudly says 'are they ignoring me or just retarded?' I overheard this and quickly corrected the customer, to which the customer decided they were not happy having a 'retard' serve them. We refused them service and promptly showed them the exit. Like I can understand getting frustrated at products not working or having to wait to get service etc. but attacking or threatening staff is the quickest way to getting little or no service from us. As soon as someone becomes irate or extremely rude I lose all empathy and will do the bare minimum I am required. On the flip side if you're nice and polite I will always go above and beyond to help within my powers. I think this is the same for most employees in the stores.
March 14, 2017 on Reddit

Best benefits or discounts?

Best benefit - got a reimbursement for fitness related expenses (such as gym memverships etc.) paid for most of my gym costs most years! Discounts - vary on product, Apple products anywhere between 10-25% discount depending on the product. We had one 'personal' purchase a year per iPhone, Mac, iPad that had a higher discount and then the rest were considered 'Friends and Family' purchases which attracted a lower discount. Third party products were generally 10% off, however they did have special offers every now and then, especially around the holidays we had a thing called Wish List where every week leading up to Christmas different products would get steep discounts (usually around 40% off).

Did you ever care if you saw a customers iPhone jailbroken? What's the protocol if a customer had a jailbroken iPhone?

I didn't work on the bar much so I'm not 100% on the official protocol. As employees personally, no one would care. But in general it would definitely be a reason to refuse service/repair to someone but that would be dependent on the situation, I don't think many technicians would see a jailbroken phone and immediately refuse to help completely. But if you were after support/repair then yes you would probably be told to remove the jailbreak if possible. Tbh the whole time I worked there I don't think I saw 1 jailbroken phone, at least not one that I could tell was jailbroken without digging deeper into it.
March 14, 2017 on Reddit

Jobwise, is it any better than working at BestBuy or another kind of tech store?

I can't answer this super accurately, as I said my store isn't in the North American market. But in terms of where I live, definitely working at an Apple Store is better then any other tech store. The pay is about the same if not a little better at Apple, however the big difference is in the culture and benefits you get at Apple. The managers and team are better, the benefits and discounts are better and that makes working there a whole lot better even if you aren't getting paid super well. It's also seen as the golden standard of Retail and looks good on your CV.
March 14, 2017 on Reddit

What do you get asked the most?

'whens the next iPhone coming out? (always asked as soon as the new one just came out)' 'Can I have a discount?' 'what is your best price?' 'my iPhone isn't working do you just swap them for a new one for me?' 'my iPhone is broken do I need to book an appointment?' They were probably the most common.

What's the thing you like the most from Apple? And the least? If you could change just one thing from Apple, what would that be?

I assume you mean products? In terms of overall in the whole history I have to say the iPhone as cliche as it is. But I do really believe it has and is changing the world and how we use tech, I study/work in tech so I guess I'm passionate about that stuff. As for recent releases, definitely the AirPods again it's been said a million times on here but definitely I think Apple's best product in recent years! Product I liked least? When working - Apple Watches were a pain in the *** to sell tbh I found it was very hard to communicate their purpose and concept in a way that would entice someone to want one. Although I do own and love mine, they were always the most annoying interactions to have with customers. Personally - I can't really think of a product I don't like tbh, there's definitely things I wouldn't buy because I have no need for them but nothing I would say that I don't like. The thing I would change, I wish they were able to realise the talent they have in their stores. Corporate is very seperate from Retail so for anyone looking to 'move up' in the company it was next to impossible. For me it was draining to see my colleagues, some with amazing skills in various fields be wasted to handle irate customers with broken iPhone screens.

What do you guys do when people (or customers) come in and damage the demo units, be it on purpose or accidentally? For example, broke the iPhone lightning port or the dock that's stuck to the table? Or ran his/her palm (whilst wearing a ring) down the iPad screen only to leave a deep scratch?

We generally are too busy to care tbh. Usually if a manager or security see it they will approach the offender. However most of the time everyone is too busy too notice. However once it's noticed the product is immediately pulled from the floor and replaced ASAP, they have really strict rules on presentation of the stores as you can imagine. p.s. we were forever replacing demo phones because of damaged and bent lightning ports! That was probably the thing that caused the most replacements in the whole store!
September 4, 2016 on Reddit

As a college student working retail. I envy you. How on earth did you land that gig?

It's on the careers page. I applied a few months before a keynote was scheduled so they had a huge intake for sales advisors.

Hey I want to work for Apple! We do not live anywhere near an Apple store, but would they still hire me for a work from home gig? I am in Amarillo, TX if that makes a difference.

Keep checking the careers page, That's how i found the AHA role :)
September 4, 2016 on Reddit

Is this a job you can do part-time? Like as an extra job?

Yep, Minimum 15 hours a week :)
September 4, 2016 on Reddit

How long have you worked there and do you like it?

2 years, I love it. Much more laid back than other tech sales jobs like Best Buy.

Hi, thanks for doing an AMA. - Do you know what % roughly of Apple Store agents work from home? - What is required to work from home, or can you just say you want to work from home and you're allowed? - Is there difference in hours/payment for work-from-home agents?

I'd estimate about 75%. We have escalations to internal teams though when more specialised product knowledge is needed (Pro software and hardware for example) If you pass the interviews, you get everything you need hardware wise. The only things you need is a desk, internet and a landline.

What kind of internal tools do you use in your daily job? Can you share how much tutoring you get as an Apple employee, is there a bootcamp with company values, culture?

1 Month of product training and platform training, we then get 2 weeks of mentored work where we have managers standing by when we take calls to make sure we have someone to ask if we get stuck. The values, culture and creed part of the training seem to be quite important and we're shown loads of videos and testimonials about what makes apples design team tick and why some of our innovations came about (Siri for example was initially made to help blind people use smart phones in a more immersive and interactive way than voice commands)

Hey thanks for the AMA. I am a 16 year old kid who has had a passion for Apple products since 3rd grade. I would love to work for Apple one day, it's a major dream of mine. Do you plan on staying at Apple for the remainder of your working career? Do you particularly enjoy Apple as a company or is it just a job to you? Have you always wanted to work there? I would love to be a chat/phone agent maybe in my early Apple career. What are the logistics of being a stay at home employee? Are you shipped a computer and some kind of voice equipment upon hiring? Whats your scheduling like as far as variability and convenience go? What is your pay like?(If you don't mind, of course.)Thanks so much!

*Do you plan on staying at Apple for the remainder of your working career? * It seems like the best fit for me at the moment! I'm mid 20's so anything can happen but they tend to make it hard for people to want to leave. Seriously, no other company treats their staff as well in similar roles. *Do you particularly enjoy Apple as a company or is it just a job to you? * I have done similar work for other companies and felt bored and nearly ill. Working for apple means you get to talk to super excited people all day and help them with their hopes and dreams. Sounds like marketing speak but when you have someone on the line who is an aspiring film maker and you're building them a system that will give them the edge in their education, it feels great! *Have you always wanted to work there? * I have, I've even worked at Microsoft before Apple. *I would love to be a chat/phone agent maybe in my early Apple career. What are the logistics of being a stay at home employee? * Our live chat agents come from a number of places, Some are based in an outsourced service centre in Texas while others are work at home agents. The work can be quite exhausting on live chat as you are expected to handle 3-5 chats at a time and be on-brand. Phone chat is a lot more relaxed. *Are you shipped a computer and some kind of voice equipment upon hiring? * We get a (leased) Mac Mini and a phone sent to us. The calls come through our regular landline telephone but it's controlled by software on our machine called Softphone. *Whats your scheduling like as far as variability and convenience go? * No set shifts, we just tick some boxes on which 30 min intervals we would like to work and we get our timetable like that. Better agents get first pick of the hours and it's a matter of what's available. I've never had a problem getting sociable hours though and i'm on the middle banding for that. *What is your pay like? * I'm in the UK so it may differ. It's 7.30 an hour basic but you get uplift to 8.10 per hour if you sell on at least 9% of your calls and meet quality targets. Easiest sales job in the world compared to Best Buy who give commission and shame people for not selling enough.
September 2, 2016 on Reddit

What was the process of being hired? I've been working from home for a telecommunications company for close to 2 years and have looked into doing this a few times. I applied once about 6 months ago but never heard back. Any tips you can give me would be great!

They are looking for positive and genuine voices rather than one shaped by years of call centre work (i had to snap myself out of it before i got the role). I am presuming we've worked for the same telecommunications company that does work from home and Apple treat phone sales completely differently. They want people to have genuine fun interactions with people who are passionate about the Apple brand and all of their products. If you are doing the telephone interview, Don't be scripted, be fluid and friendly, ask how the person is doing with genuine interest, make a joke but don't be too stiff. They go for someone who talks to you like your best friend and not someone who is used to the formalities and the "Can i call you by your first name"s
September 2, 2016 on Reddit

What's the most common support question you get from customers?

How to remove their phone from 'Find my iPhone' or "why are you charging me 40/$40 for Apple Music?" (it's a phishing email that seems to be quite big at the moment)

If you picked up a call from a person asking when the new Macbook Pro was going to be released what would you say

We would say that we're interested in finding out too but we don't have any information on our system (we really don't) but we check the apple hot news section on the website to get the latest PR releases. Genuinely ask any Apple employee the same question, our internal system (applepedia) doesn't have any info on hero product launches until after the keynote.

The concierge service you guys provide sounds amazing! I'm thinking of doing this while in college to make money on the side, can you touch on how the college program works for at home advisors? Is the pay decent and do you know if there are any benefits (like tuition reimbursement or discounts for college students)

I'm based in the UK so i can only really comment on local pay rates. It's 7.30 an hour basic but you get uplift to 8.10 per hour if you sell on at least 9% of your calls and meet quality targets. Easiest sales job in the world compared to Best Buy who give commission and shame people for not selling enough. There is no minimum call handling times so you can literally take as long as you like to help a customer out. You can also do as many or as few hours a week as you want. It gets flexible when product launch time has been and gone so it's perfect for students! Apple have been really good to me and provided me with loads of opportunities to grow within the company, Even if the opportunity is home based. They have extensive training programmes for people looking to become Geniuses (In the UK their training is a real bona-fide vocational certificate) and the 15% off covers all your needs!

* What did they teach you at Apple about culture? * How much has it changed since Steve's death? * How is Apple as a company outside the USA? * What is your take on the iPhone 6 as opposed to the other phones? * What was the most annoying thing about being in the store? * Does Beats resemble Apple in it's values and culture? thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully answer!

Wow, alright I'll do my best to answer these. :D   > What did they teach you at Apple about culture?   A lot! Apple's history of innovation, the history of the retail stores - a lot of the culture is centered around customer service and teamwork. The folks who work there really do care about each other and the customers. They are genuine people who will go the extra mile for nice and respectful customers.   > How much has it changed since Steve's death?   I think there is some denial here, but a lot has changed. You can't blame them. When you had one of this century's most innovative minds leading the charge there was bound to be a major change. Good news - Steve wanted it that way. He didn't want Apple to say "What would SJ do.". So it was meant to be this way - we just have to ask ourselves the question if we connect with this new Apple or not. There also was a blip with our Sr. VP of Retail for awhile with John Browett. Honestly, I don't think the stores have ever recovered fully from that mistake. *Business Lesson* - I am amazed how 1 person, in the wrong position at the wrong time can nearly destroy 10 years of work in the matter of 6 months. It will takes years to fix what he broke. Your people choices matter.   > How is Apple as a company outside the USA?   Never had much experience with it. However, one of the beauties of Apple is that whenever I visited a foreign Apple Store it always felt like home. It was like having family all over the world.   > What is your take on the iPhone 6 as opposed to the other phones?   It is a great Phone, and I will be getting one for sure. However, I feel that Apple needed a leap frog product to put them ahead of the competition. I don't feel the new phone nor watch are leap frog products. 5 years ago Apple was YEARS ahead of the competition. Now, the competition has caught up.   > What was the most annoying thing about being in the store?   For me, customers who treated employees without respect. We work so hard, and I never understood why some folks decided to take out their frustrations with us. However - this wasn't a common thing but really annoying when it happened. Positive intent people! ;-)   >Does Beats resemble Apple in it's values and culture?   No, I am still clueless about this merger.
September 15, 2014 on Reddit

How do you become an apple employee?

I did 1,000s of interviews... best tips: 1.) Apply, of course, to 2.) Recommend going to the store and asking to speak to the "People Manager" which was me. 3.) Email the store email address (ask for anyone's business card, it's on there.) with a PDF copy of your resume. If you get an interview - be YOURSELF. Really just looking for passionate people who love technology, Apple and customer service. Good luck! :)

What are some perks working for Apple?

The list goes on and on. My favorite thing was the people you get to work with. I worked at 7 different stores and each of them had these crazy enthusiastic people that I loved and have become life long friends with. Benefit wise - pay is very competitive for retail, health insurance is fantastic, discounts... there is a whole page dedicated to just discounts as an employee. But my favorite perk was the people. :)

Why does it always seem that there is an employee to customer ratio of at least 3 to 1 whenever I go into an Apple store?

You walk in at the right times. They're all there for the busy periods when you can't even breathe in the store. Seriously, on a Saturday afternoon, the store smells like butt.
January 19, 2013 on Reddit

I really want to work at an Apple store. Any tips on how to get in?

Apply and follow up frequently. Just like any other job, tbh.

Retail employees low level specialist make 11$ hour and genius make 15$.. In Orlando Florida :)

NYC, we are at $17+ for specialists, $20+ (on average) for experts & most famiky room geniuses but obviously living expenses are evil here. Granted, they do pay for travel (metrocards, etc)
January 19, 2013 on Reddit

What's it like working there? What did you do? Did you enjoy it? What was your hourly wage? How much of discount do Apple employees get? What are some tips for those who would like to work there?

It's fun. If you like people, it's a good job. I was an Expert, which is an advanced salesperson. I started at $10/hr. They gave base pay raises across the board last summer, bringing it up to $14. My promotion brought it to $16. Plus great benefits for all! We get 25% off on one of each main product per year, plus 3 15% on each item to give to family and friends. Every 3 years, we get a $500 credit on a Mac OR a $250 credit on an iPad. Previously answered!
January 19, 2013 on Reddit

What is your best memory of the job? Worst memory?

Good question! Best memory: Some great friendships that came out of my co-workers. Also, buying my MBPR. (I know, that's sad.) Worst: I went through an ordeal to get a promotion. I was discriminated against and had to involve HR to get the issue resolved. My local managers were not helpful. I left shortly after; it was clear that the job was no longer a good fit for me.

What is your opinion about all the focus on the one to one and apple care numbers? Did you ever "cheat" with angry customers in order to avoid a bad NPS score?

I understand why they track it; it gives the employees some motivation and friendly competition. I was never sneaky about it. I had really good numbers, just by telling people the facts and making sure they knew why AppleCare and 1:1 were useful. I know a co-worker would secretly add it in and only take it off if the customer noticed. He was a ***.

Does it matter how much you spend on Apple products and/or services when getting Apple Store assistance? I ask this because once I go my iPhone 4 to an apple store to solve a reception problem and after checking my appleid (I had bought and iMac, an MBA and about 400 in apps for Mac and iOS for my family) they replaced my iPhone instantly, no questions asked It turns out it was a sim-card problem so my original iPhone was in perfect condition. My brother need 3 iPhone 4S replacements (again no questions asked) before realising he was having issues with his router and not his iPhone's wifi antenna. Always an smile and so on. Best customer service We've ever received

We don't really keep a database of who buys what and how much. They'd have to be very intentional to look up your past purchases by your credit card (they'd need you to hand it to them) or via e-mail, although that way is unreliable. If you're a regular, then employees will recognize you and do their best to help you out.
January 19, 2013 on Reddit

Did you enjoy your job? From your responses it sounds like you did, but at the end of the day it's still retail, right? I worked retail for a while and though there were some aspects I liked, most days it was...less than fun.

I look back on it favorably. As with any job, there are days that I hated it and days that I loved it. I HATE working retail, mainly just because of the hours and the inflexibility. But if I had to pick a place to work retail, it'd be Apple.

If I'm wanting to get a job at the Apple store, whats the best way to Apply? I know you apply online, but I only have a limited resum. Should I do a cover page? Any other tips?

Online is the only way to apply. I'd call or stop in to the specific store and ask to speak to a manager just to follow up. They write it down if you show the initiative. You don't need to submit anything beyond what the website asks.
January 19, 2013 on Reddit

Why are you recently departed?

I got a different job, in line with my degree. My situation was fairly unique, so I don't want to go into too much detail. But my new job is not retail! What a relief. I hated working retail. But if I had to choose a place to work retail, it'd definitely be Apple.

What's the deal with the guy whose job is just to get you on the list of people to be seen by actual sales people, but then just stands around doing nothing while you are waiting? Couldn't he just sell us the iPad?

This is a really common complaint. That person is making sure that everyone gets helped in the order they came in, and they need to stay free to greet new customers. Many people who "just need to buy an iPad" actually have complicated questions or unique circumstances and would tie that person up, so other customers would be missed. They're also managing the sales people so that they go to the right customer. For example, a customer has questions about servers or whatever. They'll make sure that they get an employee who actually knows what they're talking about. It's awkward when the store slows down, because it may seem that that person isn't doing anything. We take 2 hour shifts in that role, it can be pretty stressful because you're dealing with most of the angry people. The good thing about that, though, is once you get a salesperson, you have their undivided attention.

Are all the Apple Employees you knew your standard AppleFans or were there some closet Android/PC folks?

Probably 80% fanboys, 10% droiders/windows folks, and 10% neutral. The neutral people eventually end up on the good side.

Why do the stores have "gate-keepers" that get mad when ever someone tries to walk past them? Can't I just browse the software/accessories with a employee "helping" me?

If it's busy, it's common for an employee to be at the door just to point people in the right direction. For example, if they're here for the Genius Bar, we want to make sure they get checked in. Or if they want to buy something, we'll bring a Specialist to them. Sometimes people walk in, don't talk to anyone, and expect us to know why they're here.

So, ive applied for job at Apple in NYC got to the 2nd part of the process, and i was turned down, without giving any reason. im currently preparing to apply again, any input as to what i should/shouldn't do ?

In the group interviews (as obnoxious as they are), they're looking for friendly, relatable people. Be nice, listen to other applicants talk, ask good questions. If you have relevant experience, talk about specific stories or customers that you've helped. Don't focus on your Apple knowledge unless asked directly. Their viewpoint is that you can teach someone the technical stuff, but you can't teach some one how to care or be friendly. They won't give you a reason for yesses or nos, because most of it is debatable and leaves them liable.
May 5, 2011 on Reddit

Did you ever work with Woz? I always hated how the world recognizes how "Steve Jobs" created Apple but without Woz, Apple wouldn't be close to where it is today.

I never worked with Woz. I saw him all the time on campus. Believe me, the buzz when he was around was much greater than for Jobs. Jobs was feared. Woz was inspirational... cool. He was one of us; just a engineer at heart.
May 5, 2011 on Reddit

id love to work at my local apple store and getting other people interested in apple products, whats the best way to go about getting a job like that?

Apple Retail isn't as hard of a job to get due to turnover and just the sheer numbers. You could try getting certified and then applying so that you stand out.

What's the funniest thing Steve Jobs has said to you? Does he stay at the office late? Is he a snob?

I've never heard him crack a joke other than at conferences where the public hears them also. I've seen him leave the office at all times. I have no idea if he's a snob, I didn't interact with him that much.

What are some interesting techniques internal security uses to prevent leaks or find out who leaked? Do they ever take employees iPhones and download all the data from them?

I won't break my NDA on this one, but I've seen many companies collect all the information on a network, filter the obviously worthless/non-leaking data and slap the rest into a database. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple did something very similar.
May 5, 2011 on Reddit

Few questions for you. * Apple has an Austin campus? * How difficult was learning the skills required for your career? (i.e. was it a course in college, or life-long skill? * How would you describe Steve?

Apple has a very large Austin campus. I was obsessed by computers and specifically UNIX from a very early age. I can remember wanting a Sun box from age 12. My interaction with Steve was limited. I liked it this way. From that interaction, he's exactly what his reputation lives up to.

How do I best go about getting a job at Apple? I very much agree with Apple's philosophy and I think they would be a great employer for me. I have applied multiple times: New Grad, great GPA, worked in the software industry through college (including iOS and OS X products), interned during high school, so I am relatively experienced for a New Grad. Yet, I have never even gotten a response to my application via the online system. Do you need a referral from inside to really draw attention?

Yeah, a referral from the inside is worth gold. You say you interned. Did you intern at Apple? If so, have you recontacted those folks?

What was your biggest contribution to an apple product? Did you get to change anything about design or OS?

You can't look at one big thing and say, "Villaged did this!". For instance, I know the guy that came up with the algorithm for the spinning wheel. He worked for NeXT at the time. I look at him and say, "You're the ***." But for me, no, sadly, I can't point to one large thing. If I could look at my Radar tickets, you'd see that most of them are related to XSan and networking. Many employees contribute in small ways. Apple really does eat its own dogfood and the employees are the initial beta testers and fixers.

My dad had a job with Apple from 1983 to 1985, when Jobs ran things the first time. He spent a lot of time with the Lisa guys and said that functionality and technological sophistication was shunted off ahead of cosmetics- the first Mac being a primary example of looks and marketing ahead of real function. How do you feel the balance was with Jobs in power for the second time? Who got the brownie points- the people who proposed things that looked nice or the people who gave ideas for great technology?

The marketing and hardware groups run that place when I was there. I'd be interested to see if it's now the iPhone and Marketing groups... I remember in the months before the iPhone came out, nearly everything at Apple for the OS ground to a halt. They had just about everyone working on the iPhone. It was frustrating for me at the time as I was helping large customers with their MOSX bugs and issues and I would get no traction with Engineering....
May 5, 2011 on Reddit

Why did you leave?

Better opportunities. Apple was paying me a boat load of money, and I wouldn't never complain. But, I was at the end of what I wanted to do at Apple. I really wanted to go back to running my own shop, and I took a job as a IT Director.

My photography professor did some work for Apple and Microsoft in the 90's. When he went to Microsoft, he said it was all suits and business but when he went to Apple, the emloyees wore flip-flops and would smoke weed in their BMW's on their lunch break. Was there a prevalent marijuana culture at Apple? Is there still one?

I knew employees that did smoke weed, but I didn't participate. Just didn't want to mix work with non-work. As for the flip flops, of course. Hell, there was a guy that used to walk around in a skirt. And there was always the legend of the guy that had a badge that read "B3b". Pronounced as "Bob". The 3 is silent...

How do you feel about the internal security group? As they as feared within Apple as some people say?

The internal security group has incredibly sophisticated tools and they're always looking for leaks. The amount of data that they sift through is incredible.
May 4, 2011 on Reddit

Has Jobs ever worn anything else? How's working at Cupertino? I hear it's awesome, like the googleplex kinda.

I have a few Jobs stories. I mainly tried to avoid him based on the reputation and what I personally witnessed that just confirmed his rep. Every time I saw him on campus he was in jeans. Cupertino is wonderful. Fully recommend working there. I never made my way over to the Googleplex so I can't comment. The cafeteria at Cupertino is the best.
May 4, 2011 on Reddit

What is the best thing you have to say about Apple, and what is the worst, based on your experience?

The best thing is the worst thing: the amount of technology that's bottled up in labs and engineer's hard drives that will never make it to market. Some of the internal applications themselves are simply fantastic. For instance, Radar, the bug tracking app is simply the best bug tracking tool I've ever used. And that's a tool that a large number of employees see/use. There are tools that only two or three use that would be huge in the outside market.

How hard was it to get a job with Apple? I've heard that they are very picky about they 'type' of people they hire.

It was fairly easy. Like most good jobs, it's who you know. So, I had been working for a Apple customer for quite awhile. I had gotten to know several Apple employees and when I was ready to leave my old job, I was given a couple of interviews for a position that I would have never known was open if I hadn't been told about it. The interviews were easy for me, but I've always found that test taking and interviews are easy for me, so YMMV. As for new employees that I helped hire in, it was a matter of having the technical skills, intelligence and social skills that were important.
May 4, 2011 on Reddit

What was your job description? Do you feel elite?

I was (and am still) a technologist, so I tend to understand the larger picture and how everything comes together. I jumped around quite a bit at Apple, so my description changed quite often. My title stayed the same as "Systems Engineer" which is generic enough that it works for nearly anything. I don't feel elite at all. I feel very lucky. I started working for Apple when they were still handing out gobs of stock options. After a couple of years, they clamped down on that.

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