Research Summary. Some key points about hiring a application consultants in the United States include:

  • HR departments typically spend 15% of their expenses on recruitment.
  • It usually takes about 12 weeks for a new employee to reach full productivity levels.
  • It typically takes 36-42 days to fill a job opening.
  • The median cost to hire an application consultant is $1,633.
  • Small businesses spend an average of $1,105 per application consultant on training each year, while large companies spend $658.
  • There are currently 322,924 application consultants in the US and 99,368 job openings.
  • Atlanta, GA, has the highest demand for application consultants, with 22 job openings.
  • New York, NY has the highest concentration of application consultants.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Application Consultant

Hiring an application consultant comes with both the one-time cost per hire and ongoing costs. The cost of recruiting application consultants involves promoting the job and spending time conducting interviews. Ongoing costs include employee salary, training, benefits, insurance, and equipment. It is essential to consider the cost of application consultant recruiting as well the ongoing costs of maintaining the new employee.

Application consultants earn a median yearly salary is $95,522 a year in the US. However, if you're looking to find application consultants for hire on a contract or per-project basis, hourly rates typically range between $35 and $59.

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How to hire an Application Consultant, step by step

To hire an application consultant, you should create an ideal candidate profile, determine a budget, and post and promote your job. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to hire a application consultant:

  • Step 1: Identify your needs
  • Step 2: Create an ideal candidate profile
  • Step 3: Make a budget
  • Step 4: Writing an application consultant job description
  • Step 5: Post the job
  • Step 6: Interview process
  • Step 7: Send a job offer and onboard your new application consultant
  • Step 8: Go through the checklist for the hiring process

Identify Your Needs

The first step to find application consultants for hire is determining what type of worker you actually need. Certain roles might require a full-time employee, whereas others can be done by part-time workers or contractors.

Determine Employee vs Contractor Status
Your Progress
Is the person you're thinking of hiring a US citizen or green card holder?

Before you hire an application consultant, you should also consider the ideal background you'd like them to have. For example, what industry or field they have experience in, what level of seniority or education the job requires, and how much it'll cost to hire a candidate that fits the bill.

This list presents the salaries of various application consultant positions.

Type Of Application ConsultantDescriptionHourly Rate
Application ConsultantComputer systems analysts study an organization’s current computer systems and procedures and design information systems solutions to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively. They bring business and information technology (IT) together by understanding the needs and limitations of both.$35-59
Consultant/Team LeadConsultant team leads analyze background documentation, project documents, financial reports, etc., to prepare an initial report about the projects they are working on. They gather data through interviews, research, and surveys to design proposals meant to create an inclusive environment for everyone... Show More$34-62
Developer/ConsultantA developer/consultant is responsible for developing system databases and applications, depending on the business' needs and clients' specifications. Developers/consultants design their services to manage optimal performance and maximize productivity for timely submission of projects, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty... Show More$34-64

Create An Ideal Candidate Profile

Before you start to recruit application consultants, imagine the ideal employee for this position and begin creating a profile and job description. What skills do they have, and what responsibilities do they have to be proficient in?

Here are some of the most common application consultant skills:

Common Skills:
  • Client Facing
  • Java
  • CRM
  • Business Process
  • Troubleshoot
  • Database
  • User Acceptance
  • C++
  • C #
  • Project Management
  • HR
  • User Training
  • Technical Issues
  • Gap Analysis
Check All Skills

Here are the most common application consultant responsibilities:

  • Manage the affiliated physician practice HL7 result interface projects.
  • Manage cases and contacts in CRM, complete or delegate tasks, tickets, requests in a timely manner.
  • Manage internal, external systems/application of healthcare software within assign areas from inception to successful implementation in private medical practices.
  • Develop test case scenarios, participate in QA and UAT testing of the system.
  • Perform object relational mapping between database tables and java classes and develop data access layer.
  • Deploy the project in Linux environment.
Check all Duties

Beyond the basics, you should also consider how well a candidate fits into your company culture. In other words, you should think about how your ideal application consultant will live by the company's mission statement and contribute to the team dynamic you already have in place.

Most Common States For Application Consultants In The US

Rank #State# Of Jobs% of PopulationAvg. Salary
4New Jersey1,96022%$101,306
5North Carolina1,75817%$90,144

Professional Project Manager CV example

Make A Budget

Including a salary range in the job description can help attract top candidates to the position. An application consultant salary can be affected by several factors, such as the location of the job, the level of experience and seniority of the candidate, any certifications they may hold, and the prestige of the company they will be working for. For example, the average salary for an application consultant in Kentucky may be lower than in Washington, and an entry-level application consultant may earn less than a senior-level application consultant. Additionally, an application consultant with certifications may command a higher salary, and working for a well-known company or start-up may also impact an employee's pay.

Updated March 16, 2023

Application Consultant Salary Estimate


$45.92 hourly

Entry level Salary
$74,000 yearly

Application Consultant Average Salary By Location

RankStateAvg. SalaryHourly RateJob Count
2New York$101,524$492
3New Jersey$101,476$49

Application Consultant Average Salary By Company

RankCompanyAverage SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
4Hoffmann-LA Roche Inc$112,566$54.1218
7KANA Software$109,290$52.54
9Roche Holding AG$107,872$51.86
10Model N$107,620$51.741
12Cole Companies$106,920$51.40
13Northern Trust$106,842$51.3726
14Instrumentation Laboratory$106,798$51.3522
15OM Group$106,119$51.02
19EMD Millipore$102,282$49.17

Writing an Application Consultant Job Description

A job description for an application consultant role includes a summary of the job's main responsibilities, required skills, and preferred background experience. Including a salary range can also go a long way in attracting more candidates to apply, and showing the first name of the hiring manager can also make applicants more comfortable. As an example, here's an application consultant job description:

Example of Full Job Description

Minimum qualifications:

+ 5 years of experience in customer-facing projects and troubleshooting with cross-functional stakeholders.

+ Experience with architecting, developing, and maintaining technical solutions in virtualized environments.

+ Experience with one or more of the following: Kubernetes, GKE, and EKS

+ Experience with cloud computing environment focused on at least one of the following areas: infrastructure, storage, platforms, and data.

Preferred qualifications:

+ Experience with customer-facing migration, including service discovery, assessment, planning, execution, and operations.

+ Experience with reading software code in one or more languages (e.g., Java, Javascript, and Python).

+ Experience in systems design with an ability to architect or explain complex systems interactions including data flows, common interfaces, APIs, and methods available.

+ Experience working with Istio and/or Anthos

+ Experience or interest with multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments.

The Google Cloud Platform team helps customers transform and build what's next for their business - all with technology built in the cloud. Our products are engineered for security, reliability and scalability, running the full stack from infrastructure to applications to devices and hardware. Our teams are dedicated to helping our customers - developers, small and large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies - see the benefits of our technology come to life. As part of an entrepreneurial team in this rapidly growing business, you will play a key role in understanding the needs of our customers and help shape the future of businesses of all sizes use technology to connect with customers, employees and partners.

As an Application Modernization Consultant, you will work with customers to assess existing enterprise applications in anticipation of a cloud migration. You will provide application design expertise, assess and classify applications and application platforms, and propose rewrite approaches to facilitate deployment to cloud native products like Google Kubernetes Engine. You will work with customers on application re-design and implementation including application scaling, reliability, and ongoing operations such as application and feature rollouts, monitoring, and more. Additionally, you will work closely with Product Management and Product Engineering to build and constantly facilitate excellence in our products.

Google Cloud accelerates organizations' ability to digitally transform their business with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions and expertise. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google's cutting-edge technology - all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

+ Work with customers to help shape a program of work to meet their business requirements and outcomes with Google consulting services.

+ Interact with sales and partner leads and technical stakeholders to translate complex customer requirements into recommendations for appropriate solutions and consulting services.

+ Execute on project management responsibilities inclusive of scoping activities, structuring a team, and delivering in a timeline during consulting engagement.

+ Work closely with geographically dispersed internal teams, Product, and Engineering to package best practices and lessons learned into thought leadership, methodologies, and published assets.

+ Understand customer needs, help shape Google's long-term product strategy, and share your knowledge and skills to grow the team.

Post A Job

To find the right application consultant for your business, consider trying out a few different recruiting strategies:

  • Consider internal talent. One of the most important sources of talent for any company is its existing workforce.
  • Ask for referrals. Reach out to friends, family members, and current employees and ask if they know or have worked with application consultants they would recommend.
  • Recruit at local colleges. Attend job fairs at local colleges to recruit application consultants who meet your education requirements.
  • Social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter now have more than 3.5 billion users, and you can use social media to reach potential job candidates.

Post your job online:

  • Post your application consultant job on Zippia to find and attract quality application consultant candidates.
  • Use niche websites such as dice,, stack overflow, it job pro.
  • Post a job on free websites.

Interview Process

To successfully recruit application consultants, your first interview needs to be all about engaging with candidates to learn about their interest in the role and experience in the field. You can go into more detail about the company, the role, and the responsibilities during follow-up interviews.

You should also ask about candidates' special skills and talents to see if they match with the ideal candidate profile you came up with earlier. Candidates who are good enough for the next step can then move on to the technical interview.

While interviews are great, you won't always learn enough from a conversation with an application consultant applicant. In those cases, having candidates complete a test project can go a long way in figuring out who's the most likely to succeed in the role. If you aren't a technical person and don't know how to design an appropriate test, you can ask someone else on the team to design it or take a look at these websites to get a few ideas:

  • TestDome
  • CodeSignal
  • Testlify
  • BarRaiser
  • Coderbyte

The right interview questions can help you assess a candidate's hard skills, behavioral intelligence, and soft skills.

Send A Job Offer And Onboard Your New Application Consultant

Once you've decided on a perfect application consultant candidate, it's time to write an offer letter. In addition to salary, it should also include details such as benefits and perks available to the employee. Qualified candidates may be considered for other positions, so make sure your offer is competitive. Candidates may wish to negotiate. Once you've settled on the details, formalize your agreement with a contract.

You should also follow up with applicants who don't get the job with an email letting them know that you've filled the position.

After that, you can create an onboarding schedule for a new application consultant. Employee Action Forms should be completed by Human Resources and the hiring manager. Human Resources should also ensure that onboarding paperwork is completed, including I-9s, benefits enrollment, federal and state tax forms, etc., and that new employee files are created.

Go Through The Checklist For The Hiring Process

  • Determine employee type (full-time, part-time, contractor, etc.)
  • Submit a job requisition form to the HR department
  • Define job responsibilities and requirements
  • Establish budget and timeline
  • Determine hiring decision makers for the role
  • Write job description
  • Post job on job boards, company website, etc.
  • Promote the job internally
  • Process applications through applicant tracking system
  • Review resumes and cover letters
  • Shortlist candidates for screening
  • Hold phone/virtual interview screening with first round of candidates
  • Conduct in-person interviews with top candidates from first round
  • Score candidates based on weighted criteria (e.g., experience, education, background, cultural fit, skill set, etc.)
  • Conduct background checks on top candidates
  • Check references of top candidates
  • Consult with HR and hiring decision makers on job offer specifics
  • Extend offer to top candidate(s)
  • Receive formal job offer acceptance and signed employment contract
  • Inform other candidates that the position has been filled
  • Set and communicate onboarding schedule to new hire(s)
  • Complete new hire paperwork (i9, benefits enrollment, tax forms, etc.)
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Hiring Application Consultants FAQs

How Much Does A Good Application Consultant Cost?

A good application consultant costs $45.92 an hour in the US. However, it can vary based on factors such as the application consultant experience, abilities, industry, and the specific requirements of your business.

What Are The Duties Of An Application Consultant?

The duties of an application consultant are:
  • Manage the affiliated physician practice HL7 result interface projects.
  • Manage cases and contacts in CRM, complete or delegate tasks, tickets, requests in a timely manner.
  • Manage internal, external systems/application of healthcare software within assign areas from inception to successful implementation in private medical practices.

Should I Hire An Application Consultant With No Experience?

Yes, you should hire an application consultant with no experience. Hiring an entry-level application consultant with no experience offers versatility for your team. They may lack some qualifications, but are adaptable and have not yet formed problematic habits. However, more training may be required compared to experienced.

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