Many stories of head coaches often rise to the top of a news feed. Such is the case of Steve Kerr. Don't get me wrong. Steve Kerr is, by far, one of the best, most consistent basketball head coaches having brought multiple victories for the Golden State Warriors. But his/her assistant, Luke Walton, was just as competent and played a vital role in maintaining the team performance and defending the title during the period when Steve suffered a back injury. Now, Luke is the head coach of the L.A. Lakers, one of the top basketball teams behind top talents like Lebron James and Lonzo Ball.

An assistant coach is involved in activities such as organizing practice sessions, conducting student recruitments, managing training equipment, and implementing training strategies. Besides that, they help facilitate individual workouts, maintain performance records, and coordinate logistics such as accommodation and transportation.

Some employers prefer assistant coaches have a bachelor's degree, but most only require them to demonstrate at least three years of direct experience in the sport, either through coaching or participation. This role earns, on average, $19 per hour and suits someone with a strategic mindset and athletic background.

What Does an Assistant Coach Do

There are certain skills that many assistant coaches have in order to accomplish their responsibilities. By taking a look through resumes, we were able to narrow down the most common skills for a person in this position. We discovered that a lot of resumes listed communication skills, dedication and interpersonal skills.

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How To Become an Assistant Coach

If you're interested in becoming an assistant coach, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We've determined that 73.3% of assistant coaches have a bachelor's degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 8.3% of assistant coaches have master's degrees. Even though most assistant coaches have a college degree, it's possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

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Assistant Coach Career Paths

Average Salary for an Assistant Coach

Assistant Coaches in America make an average salary of $43,838 per year or $21 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $63,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $30,000 per year.
Average Assistant Coach Salary
$43,838 Yearly
$21.08 hourly

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Roles and Types of Assistant Coach

The role of an assistant coach includes a wide range of responsibilities. These responsibilities can vary based on an individual's specific job, company, or industry.Here are some general assistant coach responsibilities:

  • The university of iowa athletics department seeks applications for the position of assistant strength
  • Please submit a resume with job no. At. Instructions to complete the application are provided in a pdf format at the bottom of the recruitment posting. A link to upload a resume
  • Assists the head coach in instruction

There are several types of assistant coach, including:



While you may have grown up resenting your basketball coach for making you run so much, you probably realize now how important they were in your life. Did you know that coaches have an odd schedule when it comes to earning their paycheck? Instead of working 9-5, they often work evenings, weekends and holidays.

On top of that, coaches are relied on for working more than your average 40 hours a week, especially during the sports season. So on top of supporting, encouraging and motivating their players, coaches also work crazy hours. This perspective makes you have a little more respect for your high school tennis coach, doesn't it?

  • Average Salary: $42,716
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree

Head Coach


Head coaches have a lot of responsibility on their plates. From making sure their athletes are in shape to scouting the other teams and watching video from last night's game. During the offseason, coaches have a pretty lax schedule. But when it's season, expect to have some crazy hours.

If you're expecting to make a paycheck, head coaches work more than the average 40 hours a week. From evenings, weekends and even holidays, it can be assumed that during the season you not only coach that sport, but you eat, sleep and breathe that sport. You know what they say. Ball is life.

  • Average Salary: $44,062
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree

Soccer Coach


Soccer coaches are majorly former players that want to pass on their knowledge and skills by coaching in colleges and schools and as well as in amateur and professional soccer clubs. As a soccer coach, you are to manage a team of players by providing and guiding them with strategies to win as a team. Your duty primarily is to develop plans and programs that will help the players to understand and appreciate the game better. In order to do this, you must facilitate training and practice sections that will sharpen their skills. It is your duty to encourage them and emphasize the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. Evaluation of players' progress as an individual and as a team is your responsibility. Furthermore, you are to maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone. Aside from all of this, you are to lead the team to consecutive unprecedented championship game appearances.

Most soccer coaches study health education, business, or kinesiology. You should be making an average salary of $44,768 per year. Besides the skills, you must be physically fit and must understand soccer tactics and strategies to help your trainees grow.

  • Average Salary: $43,616
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree

States With The Most Assistant Coach Jobs

Mouse over a state to see the number of active assistant coach jobs in each state. The darker areas on the map show where assistant coaches earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

Average Salary: Job Openings:

Number Of Assistant Coach Jobs By State

RankStateNumber of JobsAverage Salary
4New York253$56,366
14North Carolina149$48,512
17New Jersey135$51,844
30South Carolina57$52,654
31New Hampshire55$40,958
37New Mexico36$43,455
42North Dakota23$39,951
46South Dakota16$28,726
47Rhode Island15$47,143
50West Virginia9$35,980

Assistant Coach Education

Assistant Coach Majors

14.0 %

Assistant Coach Degrees


73.3 %


8.9 %


8.3 %

Top Colleges for Assistant Coachs

1. Northwestern University

Evanston, IL • Private

In-State Tuition




2. University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA • Private

In-State Tuition




3. California State University - Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA • Private

In-State Tuition




4. San Diego State University

San Diego, CA • Private

In-State Tuition




5. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA • Private

In-State Tuition




6. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN • Private

In-State Tuition




7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC • Private

In-State Tuition




8. University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA • Private

In-State Tuition




9. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Champaign, IL • Private

In-State Tuition




10. Howard University

Washington, DC • Private

In-State Tuition




Top Skills For an Assistant Coach

The skills section on your resume can be almost as important as the experience section, so you want it to be an accurate portrayal of what you can do. Luckily, we've found all of the skills you'll need so even if you don't have these skills yet, you know what you need to work on. Out of all the resumes we looked through, 14.5% of assistant coaches listed cpr on their resume, but soft skills such as communication skills and dedication are important as well.

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Zippia allows you to choose from different easy-to-use Assistant Coach templates, and provides you with expert advice. Using the templates, you can rest assured that the structure and format of your Assistant Coach resume is top notch. Choose a template with the colors, fonts & text sizes that are appropriate for your industry.

Assistant Coach Resume
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Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume
Assistant Coach Resume

Assistant Coach diversity

Assistant Coach Gender Distribution


After extensive research and analysis, Zippia's data science team found that:

  • Among assistant coaches, 37.5% of them are women, while 62.5% are men.

  • The most common race/ethnicity among assistant coaches is White, which makes up 66.7% of all assistant coaches.

  • The most common foreign language among assistant coaches is Spanish at 57.6%.

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Best States For an Assistant Coach

Some places are better than others when it comes to starting a career as an assistant coach. The best states for people in this position are Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Louisiana. Assistant coaches make the most in Massachusetts with an average salary of $60,045. Whereas in New York and Connecticut, they would average $56,366 and $54,061, respectively. While assistant coaches would only make an average of $52,760 in Louisiana, you would still make more there than in the rest of the country. We determined these as the best states based on job availability and pay. By finding the median salary, cost of living, and using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Location Quotient, we narrowed down our list of states to these four.

1. Connecticut

Total Assistant Coach Jobs: 181
Highest 10% Earn:
Location Quotient:

2. Louisiana

Total Assistant Coach Jobs: 127
Highest 10% Earn:
Location Quotient:

3. Massachusetts

Total Assistant Coach Jobs: 164
Highest 10% Earn:
Location Quotient:
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Top Assistant Coach Employers

Most Common Employers For Assistant Coach

RankCompanyAverage SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
1State University of New York College at Cortland$58,678$28.2125
2Rutgers University$53,952$25.9421
3University of Southern California$52,535$25.2628
4University of North Carolina$48,504$23.3221
5Varsity Bus$48,277$23.2159
6James Madison University$47,492$22.8331$47,252$22.7237
8Women's Basketball Coaches Association$47,130$22.6635
9University of Wisconsin System$46,592$22.4025
10The Ohio State University$46,314$22.2721

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