Questions About Becoming an Assistant Manager Of Operations

How Much Should An Operations Manager Be Paid?

An operations manager should be paid $85,660 or higher. However, differences in pay rates can range from as high as $180,000 to as low as $50,000. The big discrepancy in salaries results from the differences in the operations manager's type of role from one industry to another.

Questions About Assistant Manager Of Operations Jobs

What Is The Salary Of An Operations Assistant?

The salary of an operations assistant is about $38,000 yearly or $18.57 hourly. On the lower end of the salary range, they might only make around $30,000. On the higher end, they can make around $48,000. As most jobs go, factors like industry, location, and experience can determine your salary.

Questions About Assistant Manager Of Operations Resume

How Do You Write A Resume For A Manager Position?

To write a resume for a manager position, you should include three to six sections that utilize applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly formatting and verbiage that illuminate the totality of your expertise and experience for the role. Employers use ATS software to pre-screen candidate applications.

What Does An Operations Manager Assistant Do?

An operations manager assistant assists an operations manager with managing daily operations. The title speaks for itself.

Like operations managers, the role of an operations manager assistant includes a broad range of responsibilities. Operations manager assistant positions typically require a college degree and experience or expertise in financial management.