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    Average Salary For an Assistant Restaurant Manager

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for an Assistant Restaurant Manager is $45,620 per year or $22 per hour. The highest paying Assistant Restaurant Manager jobs have a salary over $62,000 per year while the lowest paying Assistant Restaurant Manager jobs pay $33,000 per year

    Updated January 26, 2023
    Average Assistant Restaurant Manager Salary
    $45,620 yearly
    $22 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For an Assistant Restaurant Manager

    Restaurant Manager

    A restaurant manager is responsible for handling the overall restaurant operations. These include monitoring revenues and daily restaurant sales, checking inventories and supplies, negotiating with third-party vendors, and managing customers' inquiries and complaints. Other duties include creating promotional offers, developing and improving sales strategies, organizing staff duties, maintaining the highest sanitary standards for everyone's strict compliance, and controlling operational expenses. A restaurant manager must have excellent communication and leadership skills and exceptional knowledge of food industry management.

    General Manager

    A general manager is responsible for handling the overall operations in the business. General managers manage the staff tasks efficiently, monitor the productivity and efficiency of the work environment, implement new strategies to improve the business performance, recognize the team's best efforts, and effective allocation of budget resources. A general manager must have excellent communication, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills to identify areas of improvement in handling customer complaints, connecting with vendors and other lines of businesses that will direct the company towards its successful objectives.


    Managers are responsible for a specific department, function, or employee group. They oversee their assigned departments and all the employees under the department. Managers are responsible that the department they are handling is functioning well. They set the department goals and the steps they must take to achieve the goals. They are also in charge of assessing the performance of their departments and their employees. Additionally, managers are responsible for interviewing prospective candidates for department vacancies and assessing their fit to the needs of the department. Managers also set the general working environment in the department, and they are expected to ensure that their employees remain motivated.

    Restaurant General Manager

    A restaurant general manager is someone whose responsibility is to handle the daily operations of the restaurant. Restaurant general managers ensure compliance with the overall operations to the company's standards. They oversee the preparation and delivery of products, restaurant repair and maintenance, team management, inventory management, and customer relations. To become a restaurant general manager, one should have excellent customer relations and service skills, and commercial awareness. Good personal skills, flexibility, and strong communication skills are also necessary.

    Assistant General Manager

    An assistant general manager is responsible for supporting the daily business operations under the general manager's supervision, ensuring that the team delivers the required tasks with the highest quality and standards. Assistant general managers' duties also include managing and delegating individual tasks, addressing concerns from the staff, managing and resolving client's complaints immediately, providing recommendations and business opportunities, sharing best practices to increase revenues and profitability, and submitting reports. An assistant general manager should have excellent leadership and decision-making skills to help in managing the overall operations.

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