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An Associate Designer helps in developing sketches on paper and in graphic design software. They usually are supervised by the junior staff and interns.

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Associate Designer Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real associate designer resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Create & manage PPC advertising campaigns and perform basic SEO maintenance to improve web traffic.
  • Develop marketing and brand awareness initiatives through social media outlets; create and manage company Facebook and Houzz profiles.
  • Design brochures, business card and marketing collateral materials
  • Complete projects in brand identity, traditional print advertisement, promotional materials, website development, and photo/video production.
  • Establish new grade rules in PLM.
  • Operate POS & other computerize cash registers.
  • Produce presentation materials that communicate the concept behind the line for buyers.
  • Work directly with designers and merchandisers to sustain the progression of product.
  • Update and organize office AutoCAD standards and implement SketchUp use in the office.
  • Source fabric and trim: woven and knits (domestic and import).
  • Work on illustrator sketches, add callouts adn keep track of PLM style status.
  • Conduct meetings with head buyers to assess trend analysis and review final production designs.
  • Shop drawing custom furniture and lighting; Photoshop rendering for furniture layout and all elevations.
  • Create colors, flat sketches, patterns, overseas packages, and prints utilizing cad system.
  • Specialize in children (boys and girls) clothing, including woven, knits and sweater.

12 Associate Designer Resume Examples

What an Associate Designer Does FAQs

How much do associate designers make?

Associate designers make about $58,000 yearly or $28 hourly. On the lower end of the salary range, they can make about $41,000, typically the starting number for entry-level positions. On the higher end, they can make $80,000, typically for senior-level positions.

Is an associate designer higher than a designer?

No, an associate designer is not higher than a designer. The term "associate" is usually attached to starting positions within a company, usually an entry-level position. An associate designer also may not have many years of experience before joining the company.

What does associate mean in a job description?

Associate in a job description usually means an entry-level or junior position. It's typically used for workers just starting with the company when you may or may not have much experience.

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