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The primary role of an Associate Editor is to ensure that subordinates submit high-quality content. They review and edit copies, set deadlines, and supervise the production details of magazines, newspapers, books, or websites.

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Associate Editor Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real associate editor resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Project manage and write RFP submissions for private industry and federal request for proposals.
  • Design and laid out client reports using InDesign and PowerPoint.
  • Format and archive daily newsletters for e-mail (HTML and ASCII) and fax distribution.
  • Work extensively with the InDesign program to plan and lay out each page of the magazine.
  • Work in InDesign to flow in article text, make editorial corrections and design basic layouts.
  • Train editors in content management, SEO, social media, newsletters, video production and headline writing.
  • Gain proficiency in HTML code, CSS, web embeds, Microsoft and Google suite of business tools.
  • Listen to, proofread and correct verbatim transcripts of quarterly earnings conference calls of publicly trade companies worldwide.
  • Increase daily page views and site subscriptions via SEO best practices, social media outreach and community- and content-base initiatives.
  • Edit digital photos using Photoshop.
  • Proofread and copy-edite daily register pages of co-workers.
  • Create music and photography sections as well as publicity director position.
  • Copy edit articles, conduct photo research/prepare photos for publication with Photoshop.
  • Support editor-in-chief and executive editor in development of successful publishing plans for bestselling books.
  • Edit and generate health advisory marketing collateral using PC and Macintosh desktop publishing applications.

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