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The company was created on November 30, 1999.

Since 1999 almost all of BAE Systems' growth has been concentrated in the US. BAE Systems North America has grown to the point where its sales to the (American) Department of Defense have surpassed those of its parent to the (British) Ministry of Defence.


In April 2000 BAE purchased Lockheed Martin Control Systems (LMCS), a manufacturer of electronic controls for aircraft, space vehicles and the transportation industry for US$510 million.

In November 2000 BAE Systems purchased Lockheed Martin Aerospace Electronic Systems, a defence systems company which encompassed Sanders, Fairchild Systems and Lockheed Martin Space Electronics & Communications.


In December 2002 BAE Systems completed its acquisition of Condor Pacific, Inc. for $58.5 million.


In the company's 2003 Annual Report the Chairman sums up BAE Systems' strategy since the merger; "In recent years BAE Systems has undergone a radical transformation from a UK-based aircraft manufacturer to a broadly-based systems business.

In 2003 BAE Systems acquired Advanced Power Technologies, Inc (APTI), a data exploitation company and provider of communications and networking solutions, for $27 million.


The deal was completed on October 25, 2004 for approximately $600 million and the company was merged into the newly created BAE Systems Information Technology.


On March 7, 2005 BAE announced the acquisition of United Defense a major manufacturer of combat vehicles, artillery and naval guns.


Following regulatory and shareholder approval, the acquisition was completed on July 31, 2007 for approximately $4.532 billion.

On December 12, 2007, BAE announced the acquisition of Dayton, Ohio-based MTC Technologies.


BAE Systems awarded $76 million contract for additional Vertical Launch System canisters May 4 2021

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