Updated December 14, 2021
Average BAE Systems Salary
$66,000 yearly
$31.73 hourly

Entry level Salary
$41,000 yearly
10 %
90 %

How Much Does BAE Systems Pay?

The national average salary for an employee at BAE Systems is $66,033 per year, or $31.75 an hour.

There is a significant gap between the bottom 10 percent of earners and the top 10 percent of earners. The lowest-paid workers at BAE Systems make less than $41,000 a year, while the highest-paid workers can earn over $104,000.

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BAE Systems Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs At BAE Systems

While BAE Systems employees earn an average yearly salary of $66,033, different roles can command different wages. The higher paying positions at BAE Systems include Business Development Director, Program Director, Human Resources Business Partner, and Project Manager. A typical Business Development Director salary at BAE Systems is $135,574. Some of the other roles at BAE Systems are Material Handler and Security Officer. A worker with the title Material Handler at BAE Systems earns an average salary of $30,421 per year.
Job Title
RankJob TitleAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Business Development Director$135,574$65.18
2Program Director$110,594$53.17
3Human Resources Business Partner$105,379$50.66
4Project Manager$98,004$47.12
5Program Manager$93,898$45.14
6Team Leader$90,441$43.48
7Senior Buyer$89,737$43.14
8Software Engineer$85,259$40.99
9Senior System Administrator$83,387$40.09
10Intelligence Analyst$81,700$39.28
11Systems Engineer$80,290$38.60
12Systems Analyst$72,368$34.79
13Support Specialist$69,479$33.40
14Operations Associate$69,075$33.21
15Mechanical Designer$63,689$30.62
16Technical Internship$62,917$30.25
17Engineering Internship$61,633$29.63
18Human Resources Coordinator$61,583$29.61
19Executive Assistant$60,672$29.17
20Production Supervisor$59,058$28.39

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Average BAE Systems Salaries By Locations

When choosing a place to work, it's important to factor in the cost of living when negotiating a salary. At BAE Systems, the employees are paid different salaries depending on their location. Our data shows that BAE Systems employees in Washington, DC get paid the most, where the average yearly pay is $76,119. BAE Systems Employees in San Diego, CA don't earn quite as much. The median salary in San Diego, CA is $73,631.
RankLocationAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Washington, DC$76,119$36.60
2San Diego, CA$73,631$35.40
3Clifton, NJ$70,540$33.91
4California, MD$70,267$33.78
5Boston, MA$69,124$33.23
6Chesapeake, VA$69,069$33.21
7Milford, CT$68,898$33.12
8Denver, CO$65,193$31.34
9Nashua, NH$65,185$31.34
10York, PA$64,525$31.02
11Phoenix, AZ$63,703$30.63
12Albuquerque, NM$61,948$29.78
13Sterling Heights, MI$61,399$29.52
14Spring Lake, NC$61,373$29.51
15Fort Wayne, IN$57,205$27.50
16Summerville, SC$56,535$27.18
17Homestead Base, FL$52,061$25.03

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Average BAE Systems Salaries By Department

The salaries that employees earn in BAE Systems can be influenced by the department or organization function that they work in. Our data shows that employees in Business Development roles earn the highest wages at BAE Systems, with an average yearly salary of $90,710. The second-highest paying department is Non Profit/Government, where employees earn an average salary of $86,192 per year. The organizational functions at BAE Systems that pay the least are Warehouse and Administrative. Workers in these departments earn $33,923 and $43,206, respectively.
RankDepartmentAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Business Development$90,710$43.61
2Non Profit/Government$86,192$41.44
5Customer Service$76,211$36.64
7Supply Chain$75,575$36.33
8Human Resources$71,480$34.37

Best Paying BAE Systems Engineering Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Senior Project Manager$115,983$55.76
2Software Developer$93,149$44.78
3Project Leader$91,699$44.09
4Configuration Manager$90,018$43.28
5Senior Leader$89,106$42.84
6Database Administrator$86,059$41.37
7Software Engineer$85,259$40.99
8Configuration Management Analyst$83,186$39.99
9Systems Engineer$80,290$38.60
10Data Analyst$73,806$35.48
11Engineering Assistant$68,665$33.01
12Computer Aided Design Designer$65,163$31.33
13Web Developer$63,884$30.71
14Mechanical Designer$63,689$30.62
15Engineering Technician$38,316$18.42
16Test Technician$37,348$17.96

BAE Systems Engineering Jobs

Best Paying BAE Systems Plant/Manufacturing Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Process Engineer$85,399$41.06
2Group Leader$83,539$40.16
3Manufacturing Engineer$70,176$33.74
4Sheet Metal Mechanic$67,572$32.49
5Production Supervisor$59,058$28.39
6Pipe Fitter$49,069$23.59
7Outside Machinist$44,670$21.48
8Computer Numerical Controller Machinist$42,589$20.48
9Quality Control Inspector$39,661$19.07
11Quality Assurance Inspector$38,567$18.54
12Production Operator$37,045$17.81
13Assembly Technician$36,631$17.61
14Electronic Assembler$36,451$17.52
15Mechanical Assembler$34,698$16.68
16Machine Operator$34,526$16.60
17Assembly Line Worker$29,366$14.12

BAE Systems Plant/Manufacturing Jobs

Best Paying BAE Systems IT Position Salaries

RankPositionAverage SalaryHourly Rate
1Technical Director$125,730$60.45
2Senior Project Manager$115,983$55.76
3Information Technology Project Manager$95,759$46.04
4Lead System Analyst$93,727$45.06
5Information Assurance Engineer$83,914$40.34
6Senior System Administrator$83,387$40.09
7Systems Administrator$78,434$37.71
8Physical Security Specialist$75,262$36.18
9Network Technician$72,656$34.93
10Systems Analyst$72,368$34.79
11Support Specialist$69,479$33.40
12Network Engineer$68,268$32.82
13Technical Internship$62,917$30.25
14Computer Numerical Controller Machinist$42,589$20.48
15Numerical Control Operator$38,953$18.73
16Computer Operator$37,601$18.08

BAE Systems IT Jobs

Recently Added BAE Systems Salaries

JobLocationDate AddedSalary
SAP Security Project Manager
Boone, CO
Boone, CO12/25/2021
System Architect (SR)
Aurora, CO
Aurora, CO12/22/2021
Mission Management Subsystem Itac Engineer
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs, CO12/21/2021
C2 Integration, Assembly, Test, and Checkout (Iatc) Engineer
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs, CO12/21/2021
Database Specialist
Littleton, CO
Littleton, CO12/21/2021

Recently Added BAE Systems Jobs

Highest Paying BAE Systems Competitor Salaries

Some of the competitors of BAE Systems are Qinetiq North America, Lockheed Martin, and Harris. The wages at Qinetiq North America average higher than the other similar companies, where the median salary is $88,149 per year. The employees at Lockheed Martin earn an average yearly salary of $86,931 per year, and the salaries at Harris average $86,229 per year.
RankCompany NameZippia ScoreAverage Salary
1Qinetiq North America4.4$88,149
2Lockheed Martin4.9$86,931
5DXC Technology4.8$83,165
7ARINC Engineering Services4.6$78,436
8Science Applications International4.8$77,299
9EOIR Technologies3.9$74,138
10United Space Alliance4.5$73,293
11Scientific Research4.6$72,325
12CACI International4.6$72,164
13Modern Technology Solutions4.2$72,004
14Electronic Warfare Associates3.9$67,561
15ManTech International4.9$64,552
16Marine Hydraulics International3.9$63,849

Competitors Jobs